New Gold tour an eye-opener

Last week I was lucky enough to get an up close and personal tour of New Gold.
I have to be honest with you-I had mixed feelings when I saw it all. I barely could grasp the landscape change. Places that once had friends living or cattle grazing no longer exist.
The equipment and workers were endless, which is very positive for our district. People being able to work closer to home certainly is a winning situation.
Contractors also are extremely busy, which also is all good for the economy.
The mill itself was very interesting, though I didn’t get the chance to try and escape with one of our very own “Rainy River Raised gold bars!”
Our tour guide was very passionate about the entire process-beginning to the end (something you don’t always see in an employee!)
I really debated about attending the tour because of so many deadlines lurking, but I’m glad I took the time. I certainly had my eyes opened!
• • •
Last Wednesday night at the Back Alley Bar (Emo Inn) was where it was all at! Jessie, our very own #bachcan girl, was back in town!
An excellent crowd turned out to support the beautiful, caring, very real Jessie! It was absolutely awesome to see people from Fort Frances to Harris Hill on hand, and all ages!
Jessie took the time to pay some special attention to some of the younger girls who were attending, and seeing the excitement and twinkle in their eyes was priceless.
Although we all were hoping that Jessie was going to be one of the three remaining bachelorettes who would get a hometown date, and that Chris would be heading to Emo, it didn’t happen.
We were disappointed but yet again so proud of Jessie! She is extremely happy and is loving life right now.
Yay, Jessie. I believe she has bigger fish to fry!
• • •
Our weekly “Catch the Ace” draw on Friday night proved to be exciting once again! We asked Clint Sisco to draw the lucky ticket-and he drew his own name!
He had chosen envelope #24, which contained the 2 of clubs. So this week, the progressive pot should be up to $3,100.
We will be at “Holly Daze” so you will have a chance to buy and ticket and watch the draw if you are in Emo this Saturday afternoon!
• • •
It was the first Saturday I was home in more than a month so I was looking forward to farming all weekend.
I really should be starting to get all my Christmas lights up outside but I’m not good at starting jobs before I have the other ones finished. I did do some housework and actually a bit of cooking before I ventured outside.
I was able to get my horse’s feet trimmed and de-wormed him, baled some straw, broke our conveyor but put all that stuff away until next year.
The miserable ram was delivered to a friend’s while the ram we are using this year is now at my place. We are hoping to sort sheep and get him out yet this week (we already are two weeks behind on this job).
This week, the last of my beef head to the abattoir. Then I have one more date to deliver lambs and this year’s marketing will be complete!
• • •
I hope to see everyone in Emo this weekend for “Holly Daze!”