More calves and more snow on the way

Happy March Break to many folks out there! It is a great sunny day to start off the week. We could have done without the wind and snow over the weekend but like I was reminded it is better now than a month from now. If nothing else it certainly taught my calves to make use of the calf shelters. Up until now the weather has been pretty decent and they haven’t used the calf huts all that much. The wind and blowing snow changed that. I am waiting for my last five cows now. Things are much slower. Twins seem to be happening all over this District. A friend that just started calving started off with a set of twins and another friend from Stratton just had his fifth set this morning. Some of his are off of heifers and that is a lot of work for a first time mom. Funny on a year that our hay quality isn’t that great that these animals can pull this off. A month from now we will be changing gears and should be getting some lambs. A few weeks after that, kids! I am hoping for nice April weather.

I am very proud of myself that I have already finished a couple income taxes. I am sure hoping that I can get my own off the list before the weather gets nice. (I know I say this every year.) Every year I work on improving my book keeping and it does make the tax work go a little smoother. My list on my desk that I look at everyday still has in capital letters, HOUSEWORK. That is defiantly a job that should be off the list before the warm spring days arrive! I get easily distracted. Like for example a nice couple sold me a beautiful, old hoosier cabinet last week. Naturally I have been busy cleaning it up and trying to decided on where it is going to fit in. I am very excited about it, it is so pretty!

For Christmas my mom and I bought my brother and family tickets to the Boston Bruin game in Winnipeg this week. I surprised my mom by getting her a ticket as well. They will be off cheering for Boston later this week! I am excited for them to go. It will be exciting here as well as I will have all three dogs. Daisee is pretty chill but Berkley is going to be excited for all the calving season offers and I can bet she is going to have to get in the tub the minute she returns to Fort Frances.

The Rainy River District Vet Services Committee will be hosting their AGM on March 22, 2023. If you have anything you would like to discuss with the committee please reach out to me and I will get you on our agenda. We are very fortunate in the Rainy River District to be serviced by two great clinics. This is not the case in many parts of Ontario and it isn’t just the North the struggles with vet services it is across the entire province!