I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Canada Day! The weather was amazing! I went to Mine Centre for a little Bliss Fishing. Most times I like to brag about catching most of the fish but this time it wasn’t the case. I started with a broken line, then my boyfriend / partner got his line tangled in mine, then another broken line and I was mad and quit. I only caught a little rock bass. Oh well, we still had enough fish for a great fish fry!
The University of Guelph was gracious enough to give us Thursday and Friday off following the July 1 holiday. Though I did have to come in and check heading dates and water the hops – it was an excellent time to be making hay. The storm seemed to be missing us until last night. We had over an inch of rain at home but less than 1/2 inch at EARS. I would rather the hay not get rained on, but the truth is the pasture and hay fields needed the rain as well. It is a different year to say the least. Normally we are working hard to get the hay completed so we can prepare for the Emo Fair. The girls are working with their 4-H heifers, but two animals are a lot less than our normal herd. I often must travel to a Beef Farmers of Ontario meeting in July and of course that is off. We are doing a large on-line meeting this week.
The garage doors have now been installed and the next stage is wiring. It looks great. We had excellent carpenters that took great pride in their work and things have been done perfectly. Included in the garage is a new fuel shed. It is the cutest little building that I cannot wait to decorate. We have started to accumulate stuff in the garage. I don’t think we will have any problem filling up the five stalls. I am limited to how much I can store in there, but I have my own Christmas Light / Extension Cord shed so I think I will be o.k.
I am hearing reports of lighter hay crops. We are all hoping that we don’t end up like last fall and will have the opportunity for a second cut. Brielmann Ag. is growing a great field of corn and has suggested they would consider combining some high moisture corn if you are looking for some feed. There is an Ag Bagger machine in the District so it might be an option if you’re interested.
The cereal army worm is playing havoc in some fields. They are not easy to see but if you scout your fields early in the morning you may find them. I have also heard of the true army worm in some fields as well. Be on the look out. I did hear that a few people received some hail in the storm last night, but I hope no one received any damage. I know in Saskatchewan they had some flowering canola fields destroyed! The canola is likely in full flower now if you want to go for a drive and see some beautiful fields in our District!