You may have noticed that many farmers are busy trying to make hay now. If the weather would stay stable, it sure would make things nice. We finished taking the plot yields on all our forage trials last week but didn’t get it all cut with the bigger equipment because we had nearly 1/2” of rain Thursday night. I decided to come in on Saturday to get it all cut. It is best if we keep it cut close to our plot harvest date otherwise you start to get re-growth and it messes things up for the next harvest. We are hoping to get it baled now before the thunderstorms hit us! It is always a challenge working with Mother Nature. We have officially started haying at home as well. Some fields and better than others but we are hoping that we will have a better fall this year and we may even get to make some 2nd cut. Without the Emo Fair it will certainly leave a bit more time for us all.
I was really looking forward to a haircut last week but because we were so busy at EARS I had to cancel. I am sure that many of you have experienced a long overdue hair due and I am sure it feels like a million bucks! I am sure the hairdressers are glad to be back in action and enjoying the catch-up time with all their clients.
As many of you know the Abattoir has been extra busy with butchering animals. The demand for Local Meat is at an all time high. They are currently booking well into November now. Our main bottleneck is processing and cooler space. We are looking at options but as we all know expansion is costly and we certainly don’t have the money. If you’re looking for work, please get in touch with us.
If you are interested in some excellent local beef please check out the 4-H Steers that are For Sale. The members are selling their steers on their own this year. Thanks to the Fort Frances Times you can view at as well you can view our Facebook page at 4-H Beef Clubs – Rainy River District. Anyone can purchase! Get together with family and friends; it is the likely some of the best meat produced in our District!
2020 continues to through challenges at us all. It seems that this might be the year of the pest! COVID is far from being over. Our crops are getting his with all kinds of insects. Most alfalfa fields have been hit with the alfalfa weevil and now the true army worm has been found in some wheat fields. These worms can clean off a field over-night. Be sure to scout your fields frequently. The best time to scout your fields is early in the morning. Be on the look out – those are the buggers that cleaned off a pretty good chunk of the community pasture last year! The word on the street is that these nasty pests are often brought to us in the wind!
Happy Canada Day Friends! I love that we live in Canada. I can’t think of a better place in the world. The University has offered us Thursday and Friday off for working through these crazy times! We are working hard to see if we can make that happen!