I am not sure about the rest of you, but I was not so happy to see the fresh, blowing snow. I was enjoying the slow loss of snow and looking forward to less ice in the yard. I fell twice this morning because all the snow did was cover up the skating rink below. I know this will pass and there are much more bigger issues at the time.

I am waiting on my last seven calves. One is close, two are pretty close, three are getting there and the last one; I am not sure what schedule she is on. I haven’t seen her in heat, so I am assuming she is going to calve. The calves are doing well – it really has been a nice winter for the livestock. I am thinking that the wolves are putting more pressure on the deer and the elk now because both have moved comfortably into my yard again. I feel sorry for the deer as their little legs fall deeply through the snow when they are off the trails.

As most of you have likely figured out, Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is postponing their Spring Ag Day until September. It is unfortunate but many of their speakers would have been flying in. Kingsford Vet. Services update night has also been postponed. We will certainly let everyone know when these events are able to take place.

Today is my first day back to EARS. I have chosen to work at home this week. Not because of the virus but we store our chemicals inside the lab at the station for the winter and it takes some time to clear out the smell. My work is on the computer so I can do this from home. If you are wanting to talk to me, please call my cell at 275-9706.

As for the virus. . . I do worry a bit about people like my dad! He has no spleen and a weakened immune system. I realize that most of us wouldn’t get to sick from it, but I sure don’t want to be the one person to spread it around to others. I think we often think we are invincible or don’t think we need to heed the warnings. I am a rule follower and whether you like our current leadership it should not matter; we should listen to those that oversee our betterment. I am a little more thankful about my occupations these days. I am growing food; it would take a long time for our freezer to be empty. Farmers have been practising biosecurity for some time now, so the isolation factor is nothing out of the ordinary. As for the crazy obsession with toilet paper – when you live in the country you normally have a bit of a supply on hand. I did have toilet paper on my next town list, but I understand that for some weird reason people are hoarding it. I will just have to wait until people get over that obsession and I am fine with that.

Stay safe friends and don’t be selfish, think about others that this could effect. . .