Mild temperatures not helping

I realize we wouldn’t be happy if it was minus-40 right now but these mild temperatures are not helping the messy conditions we have below this little bit of snow.
The little bit of frost we had is gone.
I would like to move my cattle feeding area, but I hate to make any more ruts that I already have.
I guess I will be moving them at their next feeding this week.
I will feed closer to the home yard since this weekend is our deworming, vaccination weekend.
As I was working on projects this weekend outside without a jacket, I was thinking to myself that next weekend will likely be a major storm or cold.
It is all about timing, though–the one vaccine to prevent scours must be given at a certain time.
The cows were really enjoying the sunshine on the weekend. I saw them standing or laying chewing their cut and I can feel their contentment.
• • •
I asked my mom to do my chores one night for me last week as I had a meeting right after work.
These are just the small animal chores (also known as the pain in the butt chores . . .)
Anyway, she had troubles that someone in the sheep, goat and alpaca pen learned how to open the gate.
She was over at the calves when she was greeted by two goats. She put them back in.
Then she was in the barn tending to the rabbits and came out to be met by the flock of sheep and goats.
They quickly follow you with any pail, shopping bag–it doesn’t matter it could have food in it and they will follow.
Then she noticed the alpaca loping around.
They were having a great time; rolling on the fresh gravel, running up and down the driveway.
She wasn’t having luck to corner them, so she called on my Uncle Bob to come and help with the round up.
It wasn’t long and they were tiring out and made their way back to the corral. All that excitement as I am off galavanting.
Needless to say, the gate for these creatures has a backup plan now as well.
• • •
If you are interested in joining in on a webinar, “Forage Focus,” on Dec. 5, 2019 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Please let me know ASAP.
Mark down Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. at the board room in Emo Feed for the Rainy River Soil and Crop Improvement Association annual meeting.
We are lucky to have joining us OMAFRA forage specialist Christine O’Riley (her topic will be grass utilization) and OMAFRA cereal specialist Joanna Follings (her topic will be maximizing the potential of cereal production).
I really hope that will take the time to attend this meeting!
• • •
It is that time of the year for me that I should be tackling the Christmas lighting in my farm yard.
Though many try to tackle that in this milder weather, it seems I always wait for less than ideal weather.
I would like to change things up but that would mean replacing a bunch of lights and I am not sure I should do that.
If you seen the Rubbermaid containers I have of lights and extension cords, you would understand why this isn’t a great idea.