Making hay while the sun shines

How about this incredible weather? This is perfect working conditions. Breezy, sunny, and dry. There is still a lot of hay being made and many have been commenting on how great It is to still see some nice green standing hay. We have the later season to thank for that. At home we finally finished our first cut. We ended it will 600 small square bales. With one arm I am very thankful that have good family and friends who stepped in to help. Marlee got some excellent dry land training by handling every bale and if you have Mr. St Croix for Phys. Ed this semester, he is in tip top shape, as he handled the hay in the mow. As a kid my brother liked to keep his hay hook nice and shiny, and he certainly shined it up this weekend. I think we were all tired Saturday night but also proud we had such a good day. Thank you to my people for all the help. With the weather still looking good for a bit I am considering cutting more second cut but we also have a lot of manure to haul. We are only a few weeks from pregnancy checking and weaning and for some reason in the fall there is a long list of jobs. The cattle sale is September 24, and we have some tasks that we need to complete prior to that.

Bradley and I combined our barley varieties last week after I returned from Ottawa. It went very well. Our old combine chewed through them quite nicely. We are planning on a busy harvest week again this week. Bradley also works at the abattoir, so we organize things around his schedule. We have a ton of jobs to do at the Station these days as well so there is little time to sit around and plan it is just do it! We have two off-farm sites we have been working on this summer as well. We have one more visit to do to those and then we should have that complete. As you likely all are saying the same thing, but just keeping up with the grass is challenging with great growth yet.

This past Sunday we took a farming day off. We packed up a bunch of stuff and headed off to Mine Centre. It was an annual tradition to get to Mine Centre once a summer and see as many Bliss’s as we could. So much has changed but I think we should continue to try and do this. My dad would have been happy because haying was finished, and fishing was good. Lexi is a true farm dog. I was excited to take her to the lake. She wouldn’t go in far enough to swim but she did fall off the dock and she immediately entered panic mode. She is just like me! She had a fun day, but it wasn’t about the swimming.

We had a special visitor over this long weekend as well! Destiny made her way back to Northwestern Ontario for a quick visit. It was so great to see her again! There is just never enough time to get in all the visiting!

Reminder – Kingsford Vet Services is hosting a producer night on September 14 at the Emo Legion at 7 p.m. Everyone is invited!