Making hay has been slow going

We are slowly making some hay though it isn’t an easy task when it rains every day!
On Friday morning, we were not expecting any rain and we had nearly half-an-inch at the Emo Agricultural Research Station (EARS).
Then they were calling for a storm on Tuesday/Wednesday and it left me wondering what I should cut on Sunday. But like one of my trusty farmers told me, “If they can’t predict when it will rain, how can they predict that it will!” So we cut.
It is the task on the farm that causes me the most stress. I cannot control the weather, I have to work, and I am not good at repairs.
I do find it funny (maybe more annoying) when it has been nice for about three days in a row and everyone asks, “Are you finished haying?” Well, it takes a lot more than that-it isn’t like cutting your lawn.
Many of our dairy producers are starting their second cut now while us beef guys barely are getting going!
• • •
You may have noticed the yellow flowers at EARS; that is canola. If you drive out west of the station, you will see a fair bit of it.
It prefers a bit less heat and doesn’t even mind the moisture. This most recent heat likely will decrease canola yields, but the soybeans and corn will love this.
You likely could park and watch corn grow on these warm-filled days!
• • •
I sent out the notice on the annual soil and crop tour is happening on Thursday, July 27 and there was an error on it!
It said we are visiting Colin Roymn’s corn when, in fact, it should have said canola.
Either way, I hope you will join us!
• • •
A poultry information workshop is planned for tomorrow (July 13) from 7-10 p.m. at the Emo-La Vallee Community Centre.
If you are interested, give Gary a quick call at 482-1921 to let him know.
It is great they are taking the time to include us in this session, so I hope all you bird-lovers will take time to attend.
• • •
Crystal Gray was the lucky winner of our “Catch the Ace” draw this past week.
She chose envelope # 2, which contained the four of hearts! As such, our progressive pot will be nearly $4,400 for this Friday’s draw, which will be held at 7 p.m. at the Emo Sports Bar (Emo Inn).
Be sure to get your ticket!
• • •
Let’s hope we miss the rain this week and we can roll up a bunch more hay!
It is time to work on animals to take to the Emo Fair, as well, so if we are not in the hay field, we need to be tying up cattle (especially Maddie’s 4-H heifer since our 4-H Fun Day quickly is approaching).
There is never nothing to do. Farming looks fun (and it is) but there isn’t a lot of downtime!