Life is much too short

I wanted to say I hoped everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend but I know that isn’t so.
Tragedy struck Emo once again when a beautiful young girl died in a single-vehicle crash Saturday on the road I travel every day.
I only had spoken with her a few times but she hasn’t left my mind since I heard the news. It certainly made me thankful for all that I have—and it reminded me that life is much too short for many.
I stopped complaining about my long list of jobs and stayed home to play with the girls on Sunday when I actually had planned to go into the research station.
I’m sending her family and friends lots of hugs and wishing them better days.
• • •
I almost felt like I should apologize for my “Moos” last week. I was so preoccupied that I didn’t feel I had much to report, but many commented on the good cattle prices we saw at our sale so I guess that was exciting enough to report.
As a farmer, we continually get teased about our “big paydays!” I guess they seem big if you are on the outside looking in, but it’s one payday a year and let me tell you the money has many places to go.
Currently, our big tractor with the loader is out of commission. I don’t have another one so when I wanted to get a bulk bag of grain, I had no way to unload it.
We have another pile of manure to haul—but no way to load it. I have calves to feed in the corral—and have to struggle with the old bale forks on the back of the tractor (our hay isn’t stored for bald forks!)
I purchased two new sheep feeders—but can’t get hay in them without the big tractor. And the list goes on and on.
Of course, I just keep thinking how much money it will be! But as you can see, we are lost without it!
• • •
Our lamb numbers are slowly getting fewer. Four made the trip to Steinbach to their new home with my vet cousin’s kids.
I guess there were three very happy kids in Steinbach and likely two not so happy here. Actually, the only one that knows the four are gone there is Marlee and she seemed to forget about it quickly.
Not sure if Maddie will be quite the same.
We also have made two trips to the abattoir, with one more to go, so the sheep flock is looking much smaller.
• • •
I had a great lunch over the weekend with my public/high school BFF. It is sad that she only lives in Fort Frances but I rarely get to see her.
The great part is we can talk non-stop for hours at a time. It is so true that you don’t need to see your good friend’s every day to still be good friends.
I do wish I had a bit more time to see her—that way, we wouldn’t have so much to talk about (that is kind of funny, though).
• • •
It sounds like we might have a nice week ahead of us! Hope you can get out and enjoy the last bit of some pleasant fall days!
Take time to enjoy the view—and be thankful because life is precious.