Let’s hope for nice weather

The Emo Fair week has arrived much quicker than I would prefer!
I am still much unprepared and am hoping for some good cattle behaving days this week.
I really can’t blame it on the cattle; with still trying to make hay I haven’t spent nearly enough time with them.
It’s looking like one more day of cutting hay and it will all be cut.
I wasn’t able to bale hay all week last week with the moisture coming every other day.
The moisture certainly has been good for growing lawns I am still waiting for that slack time when you don’t have to cut it as often!
My dad was able to bale some hay this weekend so this will certainly help me out this week as I try to get my fair tasks completed.
It’s not looking like I will have too many entries in the Exhibition Hall this year. I always have good intentions of trying to start things earlier but that just never seems to happen.
Maddie and Marlee have been out practising with their calves. I can’t believe what a difference a year has made—the girls are much stronger and braver and seem to enjoy tugging away on their calves.
I can’t wait for the day that I will just sit back and let them struggle through all the preparation of getting cattle ready to go to town!
I did check the weather for our upcoming fair weekend—it looks like it might be warmer.
You can bet it will either be extremely hot or extremely wet. We shall not complain if it’s heat we get because we have a bunch of crops that still need some long warm days.
The cooler weather these past three weeks have not been the greatest thing for us collecting Corn Heat Units.
The corn and soybeans crops in our district need some heat yet and tradition has been than things normally start to slow down and cool off after the Emo Fair.
I am hoping for just the opposite this year since it has felt this way since the 20th of July.
• • •
The boys and I completed our second cut of alfalfa at EARS. I was very pleased with our yields.
We were at least two weeks late in cutting our first cut but it certainly didn’t show while harvesting this past week. It was nice to see the great green growth.
Just a quick reminder that we are approaching the critical cutting date period—you may want to wait now until after we have had a good frost.
• • •
With our Aug. 24 cattle sale fast approaching, we have decided to have an evening work bee at the sales barn on Tuesday, Aug. 20 beginning at 6 p.m. We are always looking for ready, willing and able people.
• • •
Hope to see everyone at the fair this weekend.
As always, we don’t venture too far from the back of our cows but we are always happy to have a visit so stop into the Beef Barn.
The 4-H Show is Saturday beginning at 9 a.m. and of course the steer auction is Saturday at 4 p.m.
Be sure to stop in for the famous 4-H French fries and our food booth—and don’t forget to “Guess the Weight” at the Hereford display and, of course, get your ticket on the beef package!
I am sure there will still be some Ag Society truck tickets available, but this is your last chance to get on this big draw.
See you at the fair!