Late start to spring real downer

Wow, we are now past the middle of May and I still haven’t made a pass on the land (and yes, it is driving me crazy!)
I stopped in at the Emo Agricultural Research Station over the weekend and we were getting close–only to have it rain again, which will keep us off the land for another couple of days.
I am so disappointed with our late spring—it usually means we end up rushing around and that is when mistakes happen. As long as I have worked here at EARS (since 1988), I’ve never been this late!
I haven’t had everything planted by this date but at least I’ve been started.
• • •
Even with the wet conditions, we still were able to fence over the long weekend. It actually was pretty easy to put electric fence stakes into our very saturated ground.
The sheep were anxious to get out pasturing when they see me fencing near them, but there isn’t enough growth to let them out yet. I’m hoping things will grow this week and we can get them out of their yard.
Normally the sheep yard doesn’t get that muddy but there is lots of mud this year!
• • •
Maddie and Marlee were out helping check fence and they did their share of work, as well. They both now can put staples into the fence and picked brush off the edges of hay fields.
All of this is a huge treat since they get to go four-wheeling around the fence and fields.
Since they worked so hard, we did take the time to have some fun. We got the horse out, cleaned him up, trimmed his feet, and took him for a ride.
I’m hoping the girls will take over caring for the horse soon since it seems there just isn’t enough time to spend with him and he would enjoy more attention–especially that of two little girls who seem to love horses.
• • •
I hope everyone took the time to watch our local boys/girls star in “Fool’s Gold.”
I’m not a big TV fan but I truly enjoyed the first two episodes. I would far sooner watch that than most programs.
Since I don’t get The Discovery Channel at home, I went and visited Tedder and Debber and we laughed out loud like we hadn’t in a long time! It was great entertainment and good job to the cast for getting us on the map!
I’m looking forward to future episodes!
• • •
A new regulation will require health and safety awareness training for every worker and supervisor under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act.
The regulation comes into force July 1.
Once you complete the online training, you will receive a “Proof of Completion” certificate.
For more information, visit the Ontario Ministry of Labour website.
• • •
The red pine and white spruce seedlings have arrived at EARS. We still have plenty left to sell at a quarter per tree.
They are in bundles of 25 and we would prefer to get them bundled.
Our hours are 8 a.m.-4:45 p.m. but keep in mind that if the weather is decent, we will be on the land. As such, dropping by at the beginning/end of the day or over lunch is greatly appreciated.
The phone number at EARS is 482-2354 or you can e-mail me