Her name is Lexi!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am afraid Christmas is going to be here and I certainly won’t be ready. I keep making a list, but I will have to go somewhere to cross a few things off it. Of course, we picked up our new addition on Saturday, so she has been the centre of attention since. We finally agreed on a name; “Lexi!” Lexi has been so well socialized that she has fit in very well other than she really doesn’t want to sleep alone. I am a firm believer in crate training, so we have had a couple of long nights with not just puppy whining but some darn loud howling. I know it will improve, we just need to be strong and allow her to adjust to her new sleeping arrangements. She was from a large litter of 11 so sleeping alone hasn’t happened until now. Black Bettie is having a tough time. She really wants to be friends with Lexi but then Lexi goes and ruins it by jumping on her. Thankfully Bettie knows where she can get away from her and we will continue to make slow progress on this new friendship. (Or we hope.) They chased each other around the coffee table last night but Lexi thinks a pounce to slow her down is in order. I don’t want those sharp little puppy teeth on Bettie at all. I can see in my future that I will need to spend some one-on-one time with Bettie, or she is going to really feel left out. Lexi has been doing some chores but she gets cold quickly so I don’t think she will be watching gates anytime soon.

I had made the decision to not attend the in-person Beef Farmers of Ontario meeting in person this week as I just found it too close to Christmas. It has now been moved completely on-line because of Covid reasons. I feel less guilty about not attempting to attend in person. I realize we are all tired of Zoom but at least we have options to still get business done. I was hoping that our RRCA AGM would be a hybrid combination of in-person and Zoom but I don’t know if that will happen now. Mark on you calendar January 20 as that is the correct date one way or another. RRCA has had quite a year and we look forward to meeting with our membership.

I hope that you all get to see some of you family, and I know we are all tired of restrictions and questioning whether we should be gathering. I think we all must continue to make smart decisions and do what feels right. It is the time of year that we want to see each other and share a laugh and or course some good food but restrictions are upon us once again. We don’t have big, exciting plans other than taking our puppy out for a pee and developing a puppy / bunny relationship. I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I sure hope that 2022 is good to us all and that things slowly get back to normal! Who would have ever thought?