Hay yields lower

The drier spring is sure showing negative results in the hay fields across the district.
People are reporting a third- to a half-less hay. Many are trying to secure hay from other sources in order to keep their cow herds stable.
Funny how things change so quickly here; the last few years have resulted in higher yields of hay and this year not so.
I think many of us are hoping to get the first cut hay cleaned off and then hope for some second cut but unless we get some rain that won’t happen either.
Unfortunately at home my dad ended up getting sick and so he is out of commission for haying for the time being.
Thankfully my boyfriend/partner helped over this long weekend and I was able to get a fair amount done.
With a long stretch of dry weather is sure makes the job go quicker and an even bigger bonus was the fact that my boyfriend/partner’s brother-in-law lent us his rake since he is finished his first cut!
It certainly makes light hay easier to bale and less baling time!
• • •
All of our grain varieties have headed out and it looks like we will have an early harvest.
The grain heights here at EARS are much lower as well and I would predict lower yields but it is hard to say at this point.
We struggled to get things prepared for a tour for the field naturalist group last week with much of our equipment in for repairs.
Luckily, as things were repaired, my boys worked hard to get things cleaned up.
Of course that evening we were having baler troubles and I was nearly late meeting them at the station.
We had a nice evening for a tour anyway.
We have scheduled our EARS open house for Thursday, July 26, so I look forward to seeing everyone that evening.
• • •
Little Rox hasn’t enjoyed haying much. She sure doesn’t appreciate you coming and going so quickly and spending so much time alone.
She ended up getting in some trouble and had some strict talking to from my boyfriend/partner.
She followed me down the road; she jumped out of the truck window and decided to chew up many of her toys! She is nearing the end of obedience with her exam scheduled for next week!
• • •
The pool at Grandma and Grandpa’s is all filled up and ready to go for Maddie and Marlee.
I am not much of a water person but I was awful tempted to try it out these past couple of days.
The only thing was when you are finished baling hay on a tractor with no air conditioning you are filthy dirty and dusty and the water was crisp and clean.
I may still have an opportunity yet since it looks as those we are in for another warm week!
• • •
I did get some cows moved to the Blackhawk Pasture over the weekend. I had planned to take cows with steer calves but since eight cows at home have sore feet, I had to switch some of the cow/calf pairs.
I am hoping they stay healthy. The bugs seem to be at record numbers and the cattle are really working hard to fight the darn things off.
I was hoping the storm last night would cut down on those pesky creatures.