Final cattle sale this weekend

By Kim Jo Bliss

Would it even have been Halloween without a few snow flurries? At my place he flurries didn’t arrive until after the Trick or Treaters were home enjoying their bag of fun! I had the most kids I have seen in many years; it was great! Sure, missed dressing up Roxee but Black Bettie was awesome! I am sure parents are wishing today wasn’t a P.D. Day!

Well both my well and septic field are back together and functioning. Both require a little further work next spring, but they will be fine for the winter. I ended up with no water for only 1 night, but I am lucky that my mom is close, and I spent the night there. It is now time to get all the heat turned on in the water bowls and barn. I will see a bit increase in my Hydro Bill from now until April/May, but it is better than a frozen mess. For the most part, there is enough water lying around now that the animals can drink anywhere. I know I did say I wouldn’t complain about rain even again but the amount we received at this time of the year makes a lot of things very challenging and very messy.

I have been somewhat avoiding my cows. I keep thinking if I don’t make eye contact, they will be happy still eating grass. When I see the skiff of the white stuff, I was feeling guilty but so far, the are not complaining. They might be holding off as long as they can as well because they did have to eat some hay this summer during the drought that there were not that happy about.

We have moved into another Sale Week! This Saturday we will hold our final Cattle Sale of the year. We are looking forward to another cattle sale to work in our new facility. We are pretty much at the stage of final touches and dialling things in. At some point there will be a big sigh of relief! We are still working on replacing things from our lightning strike which was something we really didn’t need. If you have cattle or are planning on working at this sale, please reach out to James. Just a reminder that we will be following Covid protocols. You need to wear a mask when you are inside the sales barn and social distance. We cannot risk a fine or being shut down. Thank you for respecting the rules; it sure makes for a friendly atmosphere.

The drone planting that was scheduled to happen at the Research Station was postponed until next spring which in my books is much better anyway. He is planning to come early April. We are working on our last trial to clean and then it will be all data!

My last abattoir date is this week as well. I have sold a couple more heifers that will be leaving soon and then it will be crossing my fingers that I have enough hay to get me through until green grass again.