Emo Research Station up and running

Today is my first day with my 2020 helper!
Katie Hay is my right-hand helper for this summer at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. I am looking forward to working with her. She told me that she is excited to learn so that just made my day!
We should be able to get some seed in the ground yet today, but we will be wearing some warm clothes to do it.
Last week the weather was awesome, and I was able to take my long underwear off but this week they will be back on. The soil worked up nice last week and even though I was stressing that I wasn’t planting I think holding back a few days was a good thing to do.
The soil temperature has reached 10 degrees, so it is fine for planting cereals. I haven’t had time to get all our stakes made (names of the varieties) but we can add them as we have time.
With only one student this year we will be doing things a bit different I am thinking. I am looking forward to a great summer and I sure hope the warmer temperatures return soon.
Saturday was a busy farm day. We got all the cattle in and boostered vaccines and sorted into three breeding groups. It takes a bit of work keeping track of what calf belongs with what cow and making sure they all end up in the right group.
My new bull that I bought for my heifers was supposed to make his way to my house on Sunday but that didn’t happen, so I am hoping to see him Tuesday. We are ready to start breeding again! We are still waiting on our last ewe to lamb.
We ended up kicking all the sheep/lambs out except three. One ewe had a small lamb, the other doesn’t stand great for her lamb to nurse and of the course the third is still expecting.
We cleaned out all the pens and the barn is back in great form. One of the rabbits, Willy, made his way back to town with the girls.
We did get a couple loads of fertilizer spread last week and the small chunk of ground that we are going to spread some seed around is pretty much ready. It is just a spot that the cattle worked up where I was feeding last fall.
We are going to plant some forage seed and fence it off for the season.
My boyfriend/partner retired last week. He is planning to build a garage at my place soon. It is the first time in nearly 20 years I will have someone live with me. I think we might build an apartment in the garage for one of us to get away.
I think he is happy and excited to be retired but has mixed feelings as he will miss the crew that he worked with for so many years. He really did enjoy his job, but he is looking forward to spending time at his cabins and doing the things he likes best. (That isn’t farming either.)
He is helping me right now as we plan to replace the sheep fence.
Damien (my almost step-kid) was able to come and chop some of the trees that were damaged by some strong winds last fall. I tell you; things are happening! We are going remove one of the old sheds to build the garage. It is my fencing / Christmas light shed so I have a far bit of work to do packing and dragging that stuff.
I do find that I have a lot more time at home without running to meetings. I am starting to really miss my friends though, but I do want us all to be safe when this is all over!