EARS faces fight to remain open

I’m hoping everyone was able to enjoy a very beautiful Canada Day!
Those of you who know me well know I’m a huge fan of our great country—and my office is themed after it!
I likely have as much Canadian collectibles now as I did cows!
• • •
My new boss came last week to visit the Emo Agricultural Research Station (EARS), and I also gave him a tour around our great district.
He was pleased to see all that we have happening, but certainly made it clear we are going to have to fight to keep our ag station here in Rainy River District.
• • •
I took the day off last Thursday to participate in “Mall Day” on Scott Street with some of my farm animals. It was a beautiful day and hopefully we connected a few dots on where people’s food comes from.
Besides my friends, Laura and Destiny, coming along to help chat with people, so did my mom and Maddie and Marlee.
We took turns going to get our lunch and while we walked down the two blocks to find something suitable for the girls, the shopper of the pair (Marlee) spotted many great items along the way.
When we reached Betty’s, she was pretty determined to buy a dragon but I managed to convince her that we should eat first and we would return afterwards.
My mistake was deciding to run across the street after we finished our lunch to the beautiful spoon jewellery. Marlee immediately found a bracelet that she needed (she kept her hands on it just in case someone else bought it).
The dragon would have been much less—so this was my own lesson to be learned.
And after we walked the two blocks and spent the money, we noticed on our way back that we could have got a hotdog 50 feet from where we were set up!
• • •
As I was leaving for work Friday morning, I thought about what I would be doing with my thee days off.
I was planning to start cutting hay at home and thinking to myself, “I hope my dad can stay healthy for haying since it sure is nice to have someone helping, especially since I have some travelling to do this month, as well!”
Well, I totally jinxed myself! That very same day, my dad dropped a zamboni blade on his wrist and severed his tendons! So he is out of commission for at least six weeks.
So I was feeling sorry for myself—and feeling very overwhelmed since I seem to be experiencing a stint with much too much on my plate!
I cut hay all weekend and actually managed to bale a few bales, as well. It is sure nice to see that the fields are looking a fair bit better than last year!
I will manage to get it done—it might just take me a bit longer!