Dry spell causing distress

To add to our stressed crops from lack of moisture and frost we now have the alfalfa weevil attacking. The advice is to cut your alfalfa to starve out the pest. The issue is that because of the other two issues the crop is sparse. There is a lot of uneasiness in the farming community. Hay yields are looking to be half or less of normal and this will mean a great reduction in cows. This is very disconcerting. In June we had 1.36” (34mm) and to date in June we have only had .79” (19.8mm). We are not used to this and to be honest neither are our plants and we are seeing the effects everywhere. Generally, if we are going to see dry weather it is usually near mid to end of July. Our crops at the Research Station are coming along but their uneven germination is still showing up. We are busy watering the hops now. They are coming along but not without some challenges. Ideally, we should have no weed pressure at the base of the plant, but we are not weed free. I decided to trim bines less this year because I wasn’t happy with the “thickness” of the plants last year, but do we have a mess of bines. Once the climbing plants are at a decent height we are going to try a new chemical at the base to see if this helps at all. We are still learning! I was able to get some spraying done last week but it is a challenge between stressed crops and crazy winds!

The girls were out to work with their 4-H heifers briefly. They are coming along but still need some time. Even with Covid the girls have lots of other things going on in their lives and still must rely on rides to the country. Marlee has been extra busy with Berkley and obedience training at Spry Farms and she is loving it! Our Devlin 4-H Beef club has held two meetings now, but we are hoping that our next meeting might be in person, outside!

A few of us met at the Sales Barn on Sunday and we put a primer coat on our scale ring. It needs one more coat that we hope to do later this week. Things are going to get busy there this week. Water lines will be going in (cross your fingers) later this week. If you are willing and able, we welcome volunteers. This is a large project that will benefit many and we certainly are looking for help! With some Covid restrictions being lifted and the work is outside with plenty of space to allow for physical distancing we welcome your help! If you want to check in to see what is happening please reach out to Louis at 276-3493.

Maddie has finished her third series of notecards. These feature wildlife! We will have them at Loweys Greenhouse and Emo Feed or you can reach out to her if you are interested!