Dog has a new home

Last week at this time, I had a visiting dog (I didn’t mention it in my column last week because I was hoping it would find its way back to its owner).
I was quite suspicious that it had been dropped off but I wasn’t certain. In the meantime, I thought I would try to ignore it and see if it would make its way back home.
Alas, it didn’t. She would come into the yard, play with “Roxee” a bit, and then make her way back to the end of the driveway, where she made herself a cozy place to sleep in hopes her owner would return.
She never even lifted her head up as we came and went. She didn’t bother any of our animals and was happy when “Roxee” would take the time out of her busy schedule to play for a bit.
After a few dishes of dog food, she was our best friend and was comfortable in the house—and even knew some of the basic commands.
Thankfully, after posting her on Facebook and my mass e-mail list, we found her a wonderful home! I was very, very thankful.
As you will remember from my last foster dog incident, I don’t do well with this. My boyfriend/partner was starting to get nervous that if she was around too much longer, then he would have to find a way to fit two dogs on the four-wheeler (actually, I think he was concerned I would bawl my head off as she left to her new home!)
This dog reminded me again of how loyal they are. I am certain that she made her bed under the trees at the end of the driveway in hopes the reason she ended up there would return.
I live in the country and have few neighbours—and the neighbours we do have, we know each other’s dogs. This dog ended up here for a reason but as much as I love dogs, I only want to have one dog at a time.
She was sweet and deserved a good home, and likely will turn into the truest companion you could ever hope for—that is the best thing about dogs!
I had numerous calls, e-mails, and texts—even from caring people in Minnesota and Manitoba—who expressed interest and thoughts on this abandoned dog. It was amazing and I certainly appreciated everyone’s time and offers.
She now has a new home—a farm home with three beautiful kids to play and entertain her! What a lucky girl.
• • •
I am certain that Santa will arrive and I’ll still be getting things ready for Christmas. Not sure if it is the weather or just our year that has been delayed right since last spring, but I am not very well-prepared.
Normally things somewhat wind down for the holidays but it hasn’t really happened yet. I’m thinking that maybe instead of Christmas cards this year, it might be Happy New Year ones.
And as for housework, I’m thinking most of it will have to wait until the New Year, as well.
I finally did get our Christmas tree up yesterday and this year we wired it up right from the get-go!
• • •
I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and thanks to all of you who take the time to let me know how much you appreciate reading “Moos!”
I hope you enjoy living our weekly farm lives.
There is never a dull moment—but there is no better life and it is worth sharing with you all.