District Soil and Crop Tour scheduled

To be honest, I am a little bit stressed out and sad about the lack of hay I have made. I held off cutting until Friday night because we had three inches of rain at my place Sunday and Monday. The tires of the tractor are still wet going across the field. I left ruts cutting grass in places on Sunday. It is far from dry, but I felt I had held off long enough. The hay is heavy, and I was hoping I might be able to bale Sunday but with heavy hay and a bit of rain Saturday night and then heavy dew that wasn’t possible. Then you look at the forecast and you really feel stressed. Parts of southern Ontario are going through some dry times, and I really wish we could share some of our fortune because we all remember what last year was like. There also seems to be a lot of insects showing up. I seem to get a text every day with someone with an insect problem. I don’t remember us having this many pests years ago or is it just that we have learned to monitor our crops better? I also remember as a kid haying every day for the summer holidays, and it was square bales! We didn’t have AC in the house, and it was as warm inside as it was outside. I remember my great uncles wishing for rain. We can’t even say the word this year and we get it.

My boyfriend / partner was gone last week for fishing / work week with a couple of friends. He arrived home Friday night and wanted to cut hay. He came and traded me off so I could do my chores. He wasn’t going long, when he broke down. He spent most of Saturday morning welding and repairing and it seems to be good again. I don’t think he was excited about that. He did enjoy his week off and he really missed no haying because we were so wet.

I have three heifers in preparing for the Fair. One is Marlee’s 4-H heifer. Sunday morning, I found her with a largely swollen front leg. I called my vet cousin, and she was here in 10 minutes. (Great Service.) She thinks she has cellulitis. Likely had a wound now it has infection and isn’t draining. So, she needs to have cold water therapy and needles for the rest of the week. That will really make her love us, I am sure!

I am moving extra slow again. Last weekend when I went to clean out a jam in the baler at the Research Station, I thought I pulled a muscle, but I have re-cracked my darn ribs. I am hurting unit at times. It is up high, so it is hard to breathe, cough, sleep, laugh – pretty much everything. So, I haven’t pulled a cow and calf in for the fair yet as I am not sure I am up for the fight. Never mind – we have a lot of hay to make yet, if we do get decent weather.

The Soil and Crop Tour will start at 9:00 am at John & Jacob Gerber’s on Thursday August 4. I will get you more details asap. We will host an Open House that evening at 7 p.m. at the Research Station.