District brimming with great kids

Last week, I spent a lot of time with some of the great kids here in Rainy River District!
My week started off with our 4-H Beef Club meeting. Jaden Woolsey offered to host our club for our third meeting and I decided that night that we just might have the nicest bunch of kids around.
We have 12 members, ranging in age from 10-18. Everyone participates, everyone helps each other, and we just have a great time together. I enjoyed our discussion about the fact that the “country kids cleaned up at the high school athletic banquet!”
I’ve been really considering “retiring” from 4-H but these kids are the reason I will stay involved.
On Tuesday, we had two Grade 3 classes from Robert Moore School tour the Emo Agricultural Research Station. They were a great bunch of excited kids.
Since “soil” was in the curriculum, we tried to focus a bit on soils. But we did look at a few plants and took everyone on a wagon ride–using one of the new John Deere tractors.
The kids were well-behaved and asked some great questions! Two boys later told me how they “really enjoyed” their visits and one thought I was 20 years old (how could I not enjoy a group like that?!)
Then on Thursday, we had all the early-learners from J.W. Walker School at my farm. Again, they were such a cute bunch of energetic kids (there is nothing quite like seeing a large group of excited kids who can’t wait to see what will be next!)
Maddie and Marlee were able to take the morning off of school to help with the tour. They were in charge of taking the kids on the “trail walk” while I took some on the wagon ride.
It reminded me again of how lucky we are to live and work on a farm.
• • •
The annual meeting of the regional abattoir was held last Thursday night and I was slightly disappointed in the attendance.
It was pointed out by a producer attending the meeting: “Funny how we could fill a school gym when everyone wanted the place built but now no one will take the time to attend!”
Great point. Some use the excuse that they don’t want to sit on the board and you don’t have to–everyone is allowed to say “no.”
Coffee shop talk explains all the reason things are not working but no one brings that talk to the meetings.
We do have a few ideas to potentially raise some money but honestly, I just don’t know what will happen. The cattle market is strong right now and no one is complaining about that (and trust me, I don’t want that to change).
But it is well-known that the cattle market is a cycle and it will decline again–and I’m not sure the abattoir will be there to catch us when we fall again, though.
• • •
Saturday was another great day for me with some of my stewardship friends as we toured the north end of the district: Sable Island. It is such a beautiful spot!
The skies were overcast and it was breezy, but it was a great day to explore the white sand.
I think everyone needs to visit this spot to appreciate it. Even my boyfriend/partner agreed with me since I think he thought I was exaggerating from my last visit.
We stopped in quickly at Oak Grove (another site worth a visit) but beware as there was lots of poison ivy!
It reminded me again of what a great district we live in. We always are travelling to see neat stuff but we have plenty of neat things right here!
• • •
We had a fish fry for Father’s Day on Sunday–enjoying some of our natural resources. My mom and dad were gone for most of the weekend but rushed home so my dad could cook the fish for us all (he likes to be in charge of the fish and we don’t mind!)
Hope everyone was able to do something with their dads, if possible.
Shane and I are lucky to have a dad that would do anything for us! Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.