Crops suffering with drought

Once again, I was crossing my fingers for rain and didn’t even get 1/10th. I thought it started off looking promising with a nice steady rain on Sunday morning but that tapered off quickly. I guess that is better than nothing at all. I didn’t even attempt to cut my grass this weekend; it is mostly dried off. I usually try to get over it on the weekend even if it is just the longer patches, but I has many other projects I am trying to finish before I start haying. Though that is a depressing thought. Same with pasture, there is just no regrowth. I thought I might hold my sheep back for a week or so to allow for a better rest for their grazing areas, but I couldn’t stand listening to them, so I let them go. I will just try to rush through their paddocks again hoping they don’t overgraze. Drought at this time of the year is not something we are accustomed to.

My plots at EARS are looking sad as well. Spotty germination has made for some ugly looking crop stages. We were able to finish our first cut forage harvest and some plots shocked me with average yields. The rest were pitiful. I still must get them cut and baled but when they were calling for rain Sunday, I thought I would hold off, but I think I should have just gone for it! Maybe I would have made it rain!

The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is hosting a little competition! For children (two categories: 5 & Under and 6 to 10) they are looking for a Drawing on “What does Agriculture Mean to You?” The other, a photo contest that is open to all ages with the same these in mind; “What does Agriculture Mean to You?” It sounds like they have some great prizes for the winners! Join in on the fun! If you would like more information, you can find them on Facebook to read contest rules and to enter.

There is a little cemetery in Kingsford that my dad always cut the grass at. My mom has taken on that role now. She came home the other day and looked like she had been in a bad fight. She wasn’t ducking well enough when she was going under the trees. Shane came out and went at the trees and trimmed everyone that are on the cemetery property. It is just an acre severed out of a field so we piled the brush along the edge hoping we might be able to burn it sometime. It could be a big fire and we may need back out. Perhaps it would be a great fire practise form someone? Anyway, my mom should be a lot safer cutting now. Some of the headstones are in rough shape and they are getting difficult to read. I have my mom on a mission to find out what can be done about that. Some that are buried there were from a time before vaccine for the many of the previous pandemic times. We don’t worry about most these days because the vaccine wiped out the illness. I am booked for my second shot this coming weekend and I am looking forward to it! I hope we are all getting closer to being on the same page about this!