Crops coming along

The crops are progressing nicely and many of our cereal plots are heading out.
I was concerned last week that they were going to be rather short, but they seem to look pretty decent.
It is difficult to get right in the plots since things are pretty darn wet (with close to two inches of rain over the weekend!)
Our forage harvester is still giving us troubles but we managed to careful get our plots finished last week but barely.
Hopefully, we can get it repaired rather quickly since we have some plots that are nearing second cut harvest now as well.
I was in Woodstock, Ontario at the end of last week and their corn was as high as my neck and the soybeans were in full canopy. The crops looked great—winter cereals were nearing harvest.
Their problem was water—they are struggling to make hay it has been very wet there. Last year when I was down there, it looked like a desert but not so this year.
There never seems to be much of a happy medium when it comes to the weather!
I was able to make a few bales last week at home with two fields currently being washed!
My brother, for the first time in his life, cut two fields for me. I am thankful for any help this year with my dad being on the sick list and my travelling around I have to do this month.
• • •
It’s the time of year that I don’t wash my truck, so no comments about my truck being dirty please. If I wash it—it will rain! And I don’t wash it until I think that most everyone if finished haying—because I understand how difficult it is to make dry hay in Rainy River District!
• • •
We certainly seem to have a good crop of bugs this year! The cows are miserable—and I sure don’t blame them.
It is time for me to pull my bulls and the cattle are miserable just moving around. I still think that winter is a better time for cattle—no bugs and we just keep feeding them.
I thought my calves were looking good but I don’t think they have changed much lately. So I am hoping the bug season will peak anytime now and things will let off for them.
• • •
The Soil & Crop Tour Committee told advantage of our wet weather and planned this year’s tour! We hope you will join us on Thursday, July 25. The tour will begin at 9:30 a.m. at Purity Seeds (Larry Lamb’s).
Bonnie Ball from OMAFRA soil fertility specialist will be attending our tour as well.
We will make our way to the new Community Pasture for 1 p.m. where we will have a free lunch and tour of the new pasture.
That evening, we will host our annual open house at EARS. It will begin at 7 p.m. We will tour our plots and enjoy refreshments and visiting later.