Cows looking forward to being back on grass

Another great weekend in Rainy River District. We had a small shower of rain that didn’t even record in the rain gauge. But that is ok. June can be a wet month, so we must be careful what we wish for. I have not really got over last falls extreme wetness that didn’t want to end. Trust me, there is still ground moisture, but a nice easy shower would be great for pasture, hay and gardens.
The lawn is growing quickly and that wipes out a fair bit of time on my weekends. I really enjoy cutting the grass but find myself thinking about all the other things that need to be done as I motor along. I haven’t finished my flowers yet but hope to tackle that this week. It was great to see the hummingbirds and orioles back at the feeders. The deer are coming less to the yard, but it might be because of the big building project.
I was hoping we could move cows to grass this coming weekend, but I may need to put it off for a week. We will see what the week brings for grass growth. The cattle are ready and remind me every chance they get. If you take the side by side out with them, they immediate come quickly hoping that we will move them to grass. The girls have been working with their 4-H heifers and it only takes a couple of quick calls and that group is all at the barn. It is hard to blame them after eating dry old hay all winter. The grass will taste pretty good. June 6 is our shearing day and I was hoping to keep them all in until that as well. They are even more anxious than the cows! Therefore, a good working electric fence is a must at this time of the year. I think we will tackle vaccinating and deworming the sheep/goats/alpaca this weekend.
We had a busy week at EARS. Katie and I really got a lot done in only four days. I am doing the work of the second summer student and my bookwork is likely a month behind. I am trying to not let it stress me out! We have finally tackled the areas that we were unable to work last fall. We are doing some demonstrations with those areas so we can see what we can get away with. Rick and Linda Neilson donated some squash and pumpkin seed, so Katie was able to get those planted last week. I was worried about planting it too close to the highway in case we ended up with a weedy mess. With just the two of us our time is going to be limited.
I have heard of some rather “scary” stories of people travelling into our area and stopping to pick up supplies before they head to their cabins to isolate for 14 days. Isolation does not mean picking up supplies first – it means isolate and have someone drop off what you need! This concerns me as we try to keep ourselves and family safe. Please stop and think!