Cold and restrictions ring in new year

Happy New Year! 2022 – wow! Mother Nature showed us some true old-fashioned temperatures, but it may have been just what the Dr ordered to keep us all tucked away safely at home. New Years was never my thing unless it was a bonfire and snow machining. I liked to disappear before all the hugging and kissing took place at midnight. Lexi and I nearly made midnight but by 11:30 we were both half a sleep on the couch and decided we still needed to get up the next day for chores so off we went to bed. We enjoyed to Nashville Country Music show on T.V. and kept commenting on how we seem very few people with masks on and in tight quarters.

I need getting back into my routine. In my mind I justify taking the Christmas holidays off because my brain needs a break but today is slightly overwhelming. On top of taking the time off we added in Lexi who consumes a lot of time because she is just that much fun. She was not enjoying the cold temperatures but today she seemed to enjoy it! Funny how -25 is much more enjoyable. I know we all complain about the cold temperatures but generally the sun shines and that adds some sparkle to the days. Without the wind the cattle don’t mind the cold, but it is a worry keeping things thawed. We had a little bit of trouble but nothing that a pail of hot water wouldn’t fix. I continue to count my hay every time I feed – still thinking that I might overlooked some, I guess! I think I will try and buy some more hay maybe it will give me some stress relief. I would just feel better with a bit of a cushion.

It is looking like we are entering more restrictions so there is a good chance we will be hosting our Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association via zoom. The meeting is booked for January 20 and we were planning to host it in our new facility. I will work on getting information organized for that but in the meantime if you are interested in joining via zoom please send me a quick email so I can be sure that you get the material you will need. We will also be looking for a few directors. The Cattlemen’s Association is a great organization to belong to, please consider sitting on the board.

We are also excited that we have had some people express interest in working at the Abattoir / Rainy River Meats! We ended up having a quick meeting last week to have a discussion, but it was hard to get directors out over the holidays. We have some planning to do but things are looking up for us! More importantly things are looking up for Marg as she has been volunteering since August and she needs a break!

Stay safe everyone; I too am wearing tired of Covid but the way I look at it unless we smarten up it isn’t going away anytime too soon. I am getting tired of the nasty comments people make about the officials. They will never make everyone happy. I think we all need to think about putting ourselves in their shoes and what we would be doing. If they don’t restrict us people will be saying they don’t care and when they do restrict us, we are mad because we are being told what to do! Perhaps this is like a common cold, but most times people don’t end up in the hospital with a common cold.

Wishing everyone lots of happiness, health and HAY for 2022!