Close encounters of the “Ssss” kind

Every spring there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. It seems like there are so many tasks to do that you don’t really know where to start. It looks like a good start to the week weather wise so none of us will complain about that.

I finally finished my income tax on Friday night. I was all set to submit, and I had no internet. Generally speaking, my internet is decent and if it goes out, it isn’t for long but of course this time it was going to be. I was planning to file my HST return at the same time, but without internet I wasn’t going to do that either. Saturday, I planned to spend the day at the Aveyard Farm Auction. Though it is a difficult decision to retire, I think Glenn and Elaine were happy to have a beautiful day with lots of community support. Glenn and Elaine’s decision to retire helped other farmers as they purchased equipment and tools for their own operation. We will the Aveyards many good days! Not only did they host the auction they also had Anniversary cake as they had just celebrated 50 years of marriage!

We attended the Small-Town Mardi Gras Gala hosted by the Rainy River Valley Ag. Society. Congratulations to the committee for hosting a wonderful night. Once again, I was reminded what a generous community we live in. I am looking forward to hearing about their success! I am still mad at myself for not bidding on the bar at the end of the live auction, but I am happy for the family that purchased it as I am sure it will make a nice addition to their outdoor space.

Even though it was Mother’s Day on Sunday we had to sort cattle, vaccinate, and get the bulls out. It may not sound like much but when the mud is knee depth and your boots get stuck easily, it is! The yearlings were easy to do as they come in quickly for grain. The cows were not excited to participate in our plans, but they finally caved and headed into the corral. The cows already had their annual vaccines, so it was just the calves that needed to be boostered. We sorted out the cows until all we had left was the calves. We still had to watch what calves we had as we had three groups of cattle and had to be sure we had the right calves to go back with the correct mothers. It took us most of the day, but we had around 30 people stop in to see baby animals, so we stopped for some show and tell. It was a great day until the end… I was just going to open a gate for one of the groups of cows and I heard a deadly scream! I was nervous to turn and look. Stacey was running away from the barn. Turns out an ugly snake had made his way to sun himself on some of our supplies. And by no means am I making fun of Stacey as I hate the things and was thinking I might have to sell the place if I see another one. My boyfriend/partner who is mostly deaf right now with ear infection heard the excitement from the house and came to see what was happening. He doesn’t like them either but did help to take care of the problem.

We had our first 4-H Beef Club meeting last week as well. We have a keen bunch of members, and it is so refreshing to have some new faces! Not that I didn’t like my old members, I am just happy we have more interest coming up.

RRCA is hosting a “Cows are gone to Pasture Party” on June 10. We would like to thank all our volunteers and the community for the help and support in building our new facility. Please RSVP with me at 807-275-9706 and watch for the time!! (We have a board meeting this week.)

Reminder – Abattoir AGM is this Wednesday, May 17, at 7 p.m. at the Chapple Rec Centre. I really hope we get some support and members out. We hear lot so much chatter but it is time for the chatter to happen at the AGM.