Christmas just flew right by

Here is hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
We did, although it just seemed to fly right on by! I told my boyfriend/partner that I wish I could slow it down and enjoy it a bit longer.
He thinks I’m crazy. Maybe it’s because I frantically was trying to get ready the last week, or maybe because it was cold and we had to deal with three-straight days of frozen water problems.
Day 1 was Christmas Day. Fortunately, it wasn’t too major and we had it fixed up pretty quickly. But Day 2 (Boxing Day) was a little more serious and it took a good part of the day (so my plans of visiting all day quickly turned to just the evening).
Then on Day 3, it was a different watering system caused because I plugged the tractor in and found out the new water bowl had been wired into the same power source as the tractor. And with this weather, it simply was drawing too much power and blew a fuse.
This led to more areas of troubles . . . and an even longer day or thawing and re-wiring. And we all know how much fun doing jobs like this is–never mind when it is minus-40.
I keep thinking it always could be worse, but I also was thinking about how I could make one watering system work if we couldn’t get it thawed.
I stress about this even when I don’t have problems. But when I do, I envision things like having to sell cows or haul the bulls somewhere, etc.
Anyway, today (Dec. 28) was Day 4 and all was fine . . . fresh water and the tractor started and all the animals were fed up.
Most of the cows haven’t even ventured to the barn for water over this cold snap-they just settle for snow and opt out of the long walk to the barn.
The calves, bulls, and horses stood in line waiting for us to get the water going again. The biggest problem on that bowl is that they only come up for a drink a couple of times and the rest of the time it sits and waits.
I suggested I maybe need to get more animals (not sure if anyone even acknowledged that comment).
The sheep generally seem to tolerate the cold very well but rabbits not so much. They are cold and don’t move around so much (they seem to find the warmest spot and keep quite still).
“Roxee” ventures out very quickly to do her business and rushes back in. I cannot blame them one bit.
It also was typical Christmas travelling weather; seems like it is either a major storm or bitterly cold. I was glad that our company came a bit early and stayed a little longer.
We were excited to have our youngest cousin from Toronto with us, who turned four on Christmas Day!
• • •
I was hoping to have a slack week this week but it looks like that’s not in the works.
January is going to be a busy month and I have some travel time, so I need to stay on top of some of my commitments.
I was still planning on seeing a few other people while they were home for the holidays but I couldn’t take it too easy!
• • •
If anyone is interested in listening in on the beef symposium on Jan. 20, please get in touch with me. It takes place at the University of Guelph but we are able to link in with a WebEx.
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association is able to pay the link-up fee but we need to have a decent number of people to sign up to make it worthwhile.
If you would like to know more about the agenda, let me know (the time is 8 a.m.-3 p.m.)
• • •
Wishing everyone a happy, healthy New Year!