Cereal trial data in

I think we were all happy the snow disappeared, and we even had a few more warm days. It looks like winter has arrived in the west, but I am sure we are all hoping we don’t end up with that. The way the wind is blowing certainly makes you think we could have something brewing.

Last week all but two of the last of lambs made the trip to Winnipeg with friends. It is nice to have them off to market. It was even nicer of our friends to take them out for a few of us. They were heading out to pick up a belted Galloway heifer. You can watch for her North of Barwick.

The variety trial information for Ontario Barley, Wheat and Oats can now be found at the link – www.gocereals.com All the 2022 data has been uploaded now. We certainly didn’t set any records with those trials this year, but it certainly allowed me some time to talk about our drainage issues again. We will have a meeting in November to discuss what we can do next to hopefully fix up more issues. Hunter will have all trials cleaned this week. I have most of the cereal data completed but have a fair bit of work to do with the forage trials yet. Thankfully when we seen the weather could turn on us this week we pushed and got all the soil samples finished and the Nussbuamer family came, and chisel ploughed our plots. As always, they do a great job, and it sure doesn’t take them very long. The area at the back where the hybrid poplar trees were is still not ready to work up so we will continue to keep the suckers cut and hope the leftover material keeps on rotting down. Hunter and Bradley will have to start some heavy-duty cleaning soon – hope they are up for the task! I am pretty sure it won’t be their favourite job.

Saturday night myself and friends attended the Riverside Foundation Gala. A wonderful night out to raise money for healthcare in our District. I tried hard to win some prizes, but it just wasn’t my lucky night. The packed house proved that everyone was glad to be out supporting this event after the covid break. A big thank you to the committee that was small but mighty – you all did a great job! Thank you to all the sponsors and donations. It was a fun night out and I am looking forward to hearing how much money was raised!

Though Sunday was a beautiful day it wasn’t an easy one. We had to say good-bye to a very special person. My next oldest Bliss cousin, Shanny. It was a beautiful celebration of a life well lived but cut much too short. Shanny will be missed by many, and our hearts all hurt for her immediate family. We should all take lessons from Shanny whose determination, hard work and spit fire attitude was admired by many. Shanny and I were planning to have a “Bliss cousin” reunion this year. It was in the works. We were all together on Sunday. Life is short – live like Shanny.