Cattlemen’s boards welcome new faces

I was planning a farming week, but work is getting in the way. At least early in the week it is. As I sit at the computer all day thinking of all the things I could be doing, and as Lexi brings me 10 million toys to play, I am reminded that at least I am working at home and not travelling. It don’t like feeding cows in the dark and it was nearly dark before I finished tonight but I am thankful that our days are getting longer and it is noticeable. I will be bringing cows home to the yard around beginning of February so it will take less time to feed as they will be home and I won’t have to take a load of hay to the bush. As I expected, it sounds like colder weather is on the way. People have been suggesting that February is going to be colder than normal, but I am going to refuse to believe that and hope for better temperatures.

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association held a successful AGM last week. All our board positions were filled, and we are lucky to see a few new faces joining us. It is great to see some young producers out and getting involved. The executive is not voted on until our first board meeting in February.

I then headed up to Dryden and attended their AGM as well. It was great to get to see a few faces; for the last two years, we have only been hosting our meetings virtually. I was lucky to get a farm tour at ELD Farms in Minnitaki. Evan and Linda have done a lot of work on their farm and have a great set-up for calving and feeding their cattle. Things are designed nicely so that one person can do most things alone. It is helpful if you can weld and construct! They are just starting to calve and had some sweet little babies running around. As well I was able to check our their on-farm store. They are selling products right off their farm usually opening on Sundays. They are very pleased with how successful their store has been! If you have time, check out their Facebook page at ELD Farm.

We are still hearing that people don’t realize that you can shop at Rainy River Meats. There is a myth that it is just a custom cut and wrap facility. This is not the case! Though the retail space is small there is a lot of goodness packed into their small facility. You can stop in and ask for anything local! There may be times when it is not available but the staff can let you know other options or when the local meat will be restocked. Our tight budgets have not allowed up to do a lot of advertising and we know we could be making better use of social media but of course we are limited on how much staff can do! Try and watch our display boards outside the store but better yet, stop in! Check it out and ask for food less travelled!