Cattle sale week always a big deal

Well, it’s cattle sale week, which always was a big deal for us.
Tensions built because you never knew how well the cows would co-operate since they are suspicious of why all of a sudden you want them in the barnyard after a summer of grazing.
The old cows know you will be taking their baby away since they have been down this path before!
As a kid, the cattle sale was on a Monday and I often was given the day off school! That was exciting for me.
And as a young girl, I would dream of working there one day (that particular dream came true!)
Since there isn’t a lot of water around right now, my cows have to come home to drink. So as they came straggling in on Saturday morning, I locked them in the barnyard.
I like to weigh all my calves individually so we can see how each one is doing. So instead of doing this job on the day we haul them to Stratton, we did it on Saturday.
Maddie and Marlee were able to come out and give us a hand. I printed off a sheet for both of them so they could record weights as my mom called them out. This was going okay until Maddie realized we were selling “Lazer” and “Dot”—her two steer calves.
I have been trying to be very open and honest with the girls about selling cattle, cattle dying, and eating beef (and now sheep, as well) but she wasn’t impressed.
We went through the scenario of why we don’t keep boy calves, and how in a few months we will be getting new babies. But that also didn’t work on Saturday.
Of course, for me it brought back memories of discovering one night at the supper table that we were eating “Tidee!”
I wasn’t good at that as a kid. In fact, I’m shocked I wasn’t a vegetarian! But I thought instead of hiding stuff from the girls (like I think they did to me as a kid) that it would make it all better!
Anyway, feel free to check out the cattle sale–come see some great “Rainy River Raised” cattle and have some lunch this Saturday at the sales barn in Stratton!