Cattle Sale this weekend

I do not know how the rest of you felt but it seemed like we should be watching for Rudolph not the Easter Bunny. I have set up my Easter Hunt with snow on the ground before, but I am quite sure that was when Easter landed in March. Some of my key hiding spots were still behind big snowbanks. We had a lot of snow Sunday night through to Monday morning, so it was a good thing the big hunt was behind us. We had a jam-packed weekend and though I planned to work at the Research Station on Monday I ended up using my Floater Day and working at home. Marlee was out and she was finishing some signs we needed at the Sales Barn and once we delivered them, we gathered up all cows and calves for a vaccination day. I was really dragging my feet on this. The weather was a little to winter-like but then when I look at how busy the next two weeks are I really had to change my tune. It really went quite well. Ever since the year we lost a couple calves to anaphylactic shock we are still nervous about doing calves. We end up doing them at the end and then lock them back up and monitor them for at least 30 minutes after the last shot is given. I was worried about doing my calves a bit more this year since they are really getting dealt tough weather these days and it is hard to keep everyone healthy. Once the cows and calves were finished, we vaccinated the yearlings as well. In three weeks, we will booster calves and yearlings, vaccinate bulls and break everyone into breeding groups. It is hard to not keep on the schedule of when you vaccinate otherwise it messes up breeding dates and the rest of the timelines set out for the year ahead. I am thankful for good help doing these big jobs, in particular this time; Charlie was tremendous help!

We are still waiting on five ewes to lamb. They look and sound like they are going to explode. The last one that lambed had triplets but also ended up with mastitis and I do not think she is going to recover. She is fine, but her udder is going to dry up. So, we are bottling them and one other. They need to be fed six times a day right now because they are so young, but we can switch them over to four times this week. Cute or not, they are a bit of a pain. I am amazed that we have had ice in the water buckets still this week and still must keep the barn closed tight to keep the heat in.

I had a little panic attack over the weekend when I looked at my schedule and the date it was. I had quite a pile of other people’s income tax staring at me. I have not even looked at my own. I stayed up late all weekend and have most completed and/or sent. I cannot see me even pulling mine out until next week now. I guess if there is one thing this weather is good for it is bookwork!

Reminder about our Cattle Sale this Saturday April 23. James has been working hard and thinks we will have over 1000 head. Come for lunch and check out our new facility! The canteen will be open Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Cattle will be accepted starting Thursday at 7:30 a.m.