Cattle sale season busy for producers

It was a busy week of cattle sale preparation and selling. If only we could have had the weather from our Thanksgiving weekend. Instead, it ended up making us a wet, slimy, sloppy mess to move cattle around. We are thankful for the cement at our sales barn, and it certainly keeps the cattle on higher ground. We really don’t need snow in October! We sold 1460 head of cattle on Saturday for $2,061,892.94. I think most were pleased with prices, but we keep hearing how hot the market is going to be this fall and I don’t think anyone was over paid. The input costs are making this business tough to stay in. I think most producers are disappointed with the spread of price from steers to heifers. They tell us that heifers are harder to feed but when your purchase the product the price is the same whether it is a heifer, or a steer and you certainly cannot tell the difference. A few others and I were fortunate that we had a local buyer purchase heifers for replacement females. The one thing I am very confident in saying is the quality of calves at this sale was second to none. Great cattle and great weights. I am very proud of the producers for raising such great cattle. I will bet that at our next sale on November 5 the quality of calves will be just as good. Thanks again for the producers, staff and all those that make the sale happen! We are very appreciative and look forward to working with you all in the future.

I have my calves that I am keeping in the corral, and it took about 12 hours with this miserable weather to turn it into a wet sloppy mess. I will do my best to keep them dry and healthy. Amazing you go from running shoes to hip waders in no time. It was a noisy weekend with cows and calves bawling form being separated but by mid-week it will be calm. They have really learned about grain quickly and come fast when I come with my pail. I moved my rabbits indoors now and my friends are taking the last of my lambs to Winnipeg this week! Looks like I will be feeding cows now. There is a bit of grass, but I will supplement them to keep them happy.

For my birthday my mom had Shawn Woodgate come and clean my windows last weekend. Wow, he does an amazing job. I am not sure what his trick is but they sure are sparkly. I will give Shawn my highest recommendation.

I am looking forward to the Riverside Foundation Gala this weekend! It is great for this event to return after our Covid break. It is an excellent night out and wonderful way to raise funds for our local facilities. The committee hosting this is small and I know they have been working very hard. I hope to see some of you there.