Cattle Sale happening this weekend!

When I left work on Friday, I was thankful to have 3 days off! I had some big plans but unfortunately the weather really dampened a lot of my plans. I have had to remind myself multiple times that I said on more than one occasion this summer that I would never complain about rain again. We received nearly two inches of rain at home over the weekend. It can quit now for a bit. I really wanted to get my calves out of the corral, but I also wanted them vaccinated and Ivomeced first…. You cannot use Ivomec when the cattle are wet, and you should have about a 6-hour interval without rain. In between our many meals I just didn’t find the interval. It is going to happen right after work on Tuesday though. As I am walking through mud, I am thinking of my friends that are going to have to haul cattle home and get them sorted out for the Cattle Sale this weekend. That is a much nicer job when it is dry.

Having a short week this week is really going to make it more of a challenge to accomplish all that needs to take place prior to the Cattle Sale on Saturday. I have three larger cereal trials that need to have all data submitted this week. I did get a start last week, but we really tried to complete as much outside work as possible since the weather was predicting a wet week ahead. Of course, I have some tasks that need to be accomplished at the Sales Barn and some of them must happen during business hours since I will need some help from our Software guy. The guys have been busy working on the loading chutes and spent another day pouring cement among other tasks. We were expecting the heat to be installed last week and after that a bit more painting was going to happen. Slowly we are getting things completed but we are so grateful for all that have helped with this big project. Just a reminder that if you plan on selling cattle this weekend or you would like to work, please let James know. It is helpful to the buyers if they have an idea on what to expect at the sale. They are booking trucks now! Also, you are required to follow Covid protocols and that means wearing a mask in the barn. We cannot risk getting shut down!

The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is planning a fall dinner for October 23 in Stratton. If you are looking for tickets please reach out to Lisa Teeple, Bernie Zimmerman or any RRFA Directors. They are excited to host a dinner! It will be a great time to get out and visit!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend. We were fortunate enough to enjoy a meal everyday over the weekend. We really do have a lot to be thankful for all year long!