Cattle sale a success

The Stratton sales barn held another successful cattle sale on Saturday.
Despite selling only 546 animals, the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association still grossed $594,566.62, which is a great average across the board.
Due to the lack of feed last spring, there were fewer people feeding back grounding cattle this spring. As well, since the weather has been pretty darn decent these past couple of weeks, everyone is trying to make hay and harvest grain.
Many producers told us they still had plenty of grass and they were just too busy to get their cattle in.
This could make for a very large sale in September.
Meanwhile, the RRCA was treated to a special guest prior to its sale. Nancy Noecker, with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, came and did some cattle-handling and safety training at our barn.
The staff was very pleased with Nancy and her information, and thoroughly enjoyed working with her.
The next cattle sale is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 28 (contact sales barn manager Philip Krahn if you have any questions).
• • •
Most of my friends know that “Roxee” has been very spoiled by my boyfriend/partner. They go to “town” every Friday and either enjoy breakfast or dinner together.
Unfortunately, Roxee missed her “town” day last Friday since he was called away to clean up some of the mess that the storm had left behind up near Kenora. He finally got home late Friday night, so they ended up going out on Saturday and then to Dryden on Sunday to pick up a new boat!
It’s the first time I’ve ever had to share a dog and, yes, I pout that she seems to like my boyfriend/partner more than me.
Guess I need to start taking her out for lunch!
• • •
We have combined a few plots here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. I honestly can say that we are pushing it a bit since there still is a fair bit of green straw (and some seed).
My summer students are finishing up this week, though (Nick was finished on Monday and Lucas today).
This is always a sad time of the year for me. I’m excited for the boys to be heading off to school (best time of their lives) but it’s very lonely at EARS. Also, since we had such a late spring, not all our crops are ready to go, either.
I will need to hire someone to help for a few weeks (or get some help from my mama and daddy!)
I’m still concerned about my soybeans–the plants are beautiful but there still isn’t a whole bunch of beans in the pods! Guess we will see. . . .
• • •
An exciting week is ahead for the Hyatt family as Jeff is getting married right at home on the farm. It will be a busy week, but it certainly will be a great day this Saturday!
I also better wish my mail lady, Lisa, a very happy birthday!