Cattle certainly enjoyed the milder weather

By Monday of next week, everyone will be settling in to celebrate the Christmas season. I just hope I’m ready and still not looking for that special gift.
I really enjoy gift-giving–provided I have that perfect idea for that person on my list. Meanwhile, my family is frustrated with me in that I have no suggestions on what I would like.
The fact is, I’m pretty fortunate to have very few wants. Most days my wish would be “time” and that is something money can’t buy.
Recently on a trip to the doctor, when explaining what I did for a living, she responded, “Wow, you have a very cool life!” Really, how could you top that off? Most days I feel that way, as well.
• • •
The cattle are really enjoying this weather. They will stand for hours just soaking up the sun! I can’t say I blame them as it feels pretty darn good–and no bugs biting them.
For those who are short on hay, this mild weather hopefully will help to extend the feed shortage. My only fear is we will pay for this great weather yet!
The alpaca now are living with the sheep and that is going well other than at grain feeding time. Sheep are pigs and go crazy for their bit of grain while the alpaca, on the other hand, eat very slow and enjoy the treat.
I purchased an over-the-fence feeder for the alpaca thinking this would allow them to get a chance to eat their grain. It seemed like a great idea as the alpaca are much taller and the sheep wouldn’t be able to reach it.
Alas, the ram and one ewe figured out how to knock it off. So I thought I would tie it so that won’t happen but they figured out how to stand on their back legs and just rest on the feeder and eat.
Needless to say, I will have to come up with a better plan. The alpaca, meantime, are horrified about how the sheep eat and stare at me like, “What is wrong with these beasts?”
• • •
Marlee had the weekend off so she spent it in the country. She and my boyfriend/partner spent all of Saturday hunting since it was the last day for this year. She was pretty excited.
They did see some deer but not what they were looking for.
Then on Sunday morning, we decided we would get all the chores done early because she wanted to craft. Marlee was a big help hooking up the wagon, opening gates, and taking string off the bales.
We then crafted all afternoon and she was pretty excited to wrap her gifts and take home her treasures.
When she was leaving, she said, “My weekend was perfect, Auntie Kimmie!”
• • •
We attended our annual seafood night and it was a great night of food and visiting. The only thing I notice every year is that we are shutting things down earlier and earlier.
Makes me miss the good ol’ days!
• • •
There’s big excitement around our weekly “Catch the Ace” draw as this week’s progressive pot will be worth roughly $15,000.
So be sure to get your tickets today! They only cost $2 each.
Holly Witherspoon was the lucky winner this past Saturday. Although she didn’t find the ace of spades, it was close (the envelope she had chosen contained the two of spades).
This week’s draw will be held Friday at 6 p.m. at the Village Variety in Emo.
You are welcome to join us or join us live on Facebook (look for Rainy River District–Catch the Ace page).
• • •
I have a FLIR camera that I’m able to loan out. It is on loan from Farm and Food Care, which strongly suggest using it in your barn to detect hot spots.
It is a thermal imaging camera and it will show potential fire hazards–or even cold spots if you have insulation issues. It is usable on silage piles and equipment (really, the uses are endless).
If you would like to use while I have it, please give me a call.
• • •
A quick reminder that the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association will be holding its annual meeting on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of the Way School in Stratton.
Rick Wright is coming to speak on what the buyers are looking for in your cattle.