Anticipating warmer weather

July has arrived and our long weekend is already over. Though the weather was decent for the weekend, I am still longing for those warm summer nights. Instead, we are still packing on sweatshirts and longer pants. I sure am counting on a long, beautiful fall. My mom and I celebrated Canada Day by attending the stock car races in Emo! What a great night, and it was so awesome to see full stands and long lineups again. Great job Emo Speedway — keep up the good work!

We have started haying! I was hoping I could bale some on Sunday, but it didn’t really get nice until the evening, so the hay didn’t dry a whole bunch. That is OK though — I still have that list of jobs to tackle, so a few more of those kinds of things were crossed off. One of them was getting a very large tree that blew down over the fence and in one of the fields. It was huge and we did have to pack down some hay to get it moved but it was better than cutting around it. The tree was likely planted by my great-grandpa in the late 1920s. Of course, I would like to make something out of the wood, but my boyfriend/partner thinks that is just a silly idea. It is so great to be cutting decent hay again. It is almost mind boggling how we went from one extreme to another. There is still plenty of water laying around as well. The fawns are still tiny and laying around in the fields. I was really worried about hitting one when cutting as it didn’t want to leave its spot. It really confuses them when the long grass is gone as well. I think hiding down low in the grass helps avoid the nasty bugs we have now as well.

We started working on our Forage Trials at the Research Station as well and have a majority finished on Friday. I cut some of those larger blocks on Canada Day in hopes we could bale that up early this week. If the weather co-operates, we should finish Monday and then get back to spraying and trimming up our Cereal Trials. Spraying has been a huge challenge with all the wind we have been receiving. My new summer student started last week! Katie and I are happy to have Kennah LeBlanc working with us now. Our Three Sisters project is in the ground, but we are still struggling with our groundhog family that seems to like the jiffy pucks the seeds were started in! The hops are doing OK, but would appreciate some warmer temperatures as well. We haven’t had to water them a whole bunch yet either with the moisture we have been receiving.

Lexi will be getting spayed this week. This will likely mean that I will be sleeping on the floor with her for a few nights. I am always so nervous about them hurting themselves after surgery. Like I have said before, it is likely me that should take something to keep myself calm more than the dog.