Another cattle sale in the books, onto the next project

This month is flying by. Like wasn’t last week August?

We survived another cattle sale! It was a big one, 1853 head. I felt it went fast; we had few downtimes. I am hoping this reflects the good cattle flow we have with our new facilities. We sold 1853 head for $1,964,462.92. I think the heifer prices were a bit soft, but it is the same no matter the market.

Though our barn project is nearing the end, we still have a few tasks to check off the list. The load out chutes is high priority and I think the truckers were disappointed we didn’t have them for this sale. We know our volunteers are getting tired and the fact we are into the middle of October the list of jobs to complete at home is long! It is looking like we are going to see some sun this week and that certainly helps us.

We finally got a frost, so it is time to clean up the flowers and gardens. I heard by many that their gardens were really producing again this last while with moisture and sunshine. You can really see that in the fields that were combined as well. The seeds left in the field were certainly sprouting back up. Some people were able to pasture cattle on regrowth and on a year like this with short feed supply it is truly a bonus.

I was home from the cattle sale about 1:30 a.m. Sunday and though I slept in a bit, I felt like I had been out partying the night before. We did tackle some bigger projects, but I moved much slower. We cleaned out my dad’s machine shed and ended up with a good load for the dump. Some of the stuff I wish I knew what my dad had planned for it. It is all organized again, and our equipment is put away again for the season. We finished unloading the square bales that we had made. They were too wet, and we were nervous about putting them in the barn. I don’t have many bales for calving, but we will make it work! I moved my cows again as the rain has made things very soft and they were punching up he field pretty good. I am hoping I have enough grass for a couple more weeks. The hay yard just doesn’t look all that full and it makes me nervous.

I hauled a couple of heifers to the Sales Barn on Friday. They were hitching a ride back to Dryden for Levi Debney. Levi had asked to buy a heifer calf so I sent him pictures of all my purebred heifers that I felt would make good cows. He picked out my favourite. He then came back and said he thought he had enough money to buy two! So, he picked out another. His dad had shipped some steer calves to our sale, so the heifers were able to ride back with the trucker. I got a text from Levi’s dad later than night after the heifers arrived home that said, “I have one excited boy, he is so happy. Thank You!” And it just made my day!