Annual report will be shorter this year

I am hoping that everyone took the time to attend a Remembrance Day Service on Monday to honour all those that have fought for us and are still doing this.
It is difficult to complain about the cold day when you think of all that these men and women have been through.
My great-uncle, Charlie, survived war, but he spoke very little of his time there and we respected that it was something that he didn’t want to discuss.
• • •
I have been working on putting together my EARS report for the year.
I thought it would be easy–and it is in some ways–but in other ways it bothers me so much that we put so much effort into things and then Mother Nature (of which we have no control) put an end to all of that.
I keep thinking of all the efforts we put in to having the place in top notch shape for our open house and special guests to where we ended up.
I know, there is nothing I can do, and it was the same for all of us.
Thankfully, the Nussbaumers came out on Saturday and worked up the areas that had the plots cleaned off.
It was a lot less than normal but at least we have some areas that will be ready for the spring.
We are lucky to have good neighbours like this!
I will finish my report, and on the bright side, printing costs will be much less this year.
• • •
Recently I attended a meeting with MPP Greg Rickford and MPP Jill Dunlop to discuss the provincial government’s Fall Economic Statement.
Jill is the Associate Minister of Children and Women’s Issues. Many of the women in the room discussed issues around being a woman in the workplace.
I feel very fortunate that in my agriculture career I have never had any troubles and have only be treated with respect and encouragement.
It is terrible that others don’t have the same experience.
It is 2019 and this should not be an issue on our radar at all. Thank you to all my people that treat me the same no matter my gender.
• • •
Saturday night a few friends gathered around in Lisa Teeple’s new home in Emo!
Lisa have now moved off the farm and Jeff and Kelly have moved in.
It was a fun night and we wish Lisa many more happy years in her new place. It will be a big adjustment for her, Jeff and Kelly.
• • •
Please take the time to attend our abattoir AGM this Thursday (Nov. 14) at the Chapple Hall.
You all know that it hasn’t bee the easiest board to sit on, but we do appreciate seeing our membership and are more than open to suggestions and comment.
Please attend–we will be looking for a few new board members but please don’t stay at home because of this!
The meeting begins at 7 p.m. and we do have some new information that we can share.