Ag station needs income

I finally have copies of the Emo Agricultural Research Station reports available!
I did leave multiple copies at Emo Feed, so you can pick one up there or let me know and I can be sure to get you one.
Keep in mind that we already are planning next season, so if there is work that you would like done, please get in touch with me. Things still are a little sketchy with cutbacks and all but as far as I am aware, we are back in business next year.
One of the winter jobs is for me to continue to look and build partnerships, and I’ve been in discussion with multiple people and agencies. This is time-consuming and certainly something that I’ve not been accustomed to (I’m more a “play in the dirt” kind of girl!)
The Rainy River Community Pasture Committee already has committed some financial assistance and I certainly appreciate their quick support.
Once the holiday season is over, the committee that has semi-formally been struck to talk about ways to keep EARS open and successful will have to meet and get things moving along.
It does sound like we are not expected to come up with the entire budget but EARS needs to have some income!
Any ideas and suggestions are very welcome.
• • •
While the girls were out at my place on Sunday, we decided to tackle the job of finding a Christmas tree. We took off on the snowmachines but after looking at a couple of potential sites, we found it COLD!
We resorted to driving in the truck and successfully found a tree that was far enough off the road that I certainly was out of breath by the time we reached the road!
I’ll eventually get it in the house this week—but have been busy finishing up other jobs that need to be completed. I still haven’t written my annual Christmas letter but it’s near the top of the list so hope I can have them out by the end of the week, as well.
I still have gifts to buy—and I’m really having a hard time finding something for my mom this year! She is the person that deserves a great gift since she does so much for all of us!
Here’s hoping something will catch my eye—and soon!
• • •
The cows and sheep have been eating pretty heavily during this cold weather. I’m feeding at least a day earlier than normal just because of the temperatures.
I did have some frozen water a couple times this week, but both were quickly fixed up (thankfully). It sometimes amazes me that we have water at all when it’s so cold that it hurts even to breathe.
• • •
Thanks to everyone who came to my house Saturday night for the cattlemen’s Christmas party. Besides the Christmas lights and decorating, I think the best time of this season is all the good food and visits!
• • •
Marlee participated in her Christmas concert last week and Maddie this week. The little kids are such a treat to watch as they are proudly participating!
I hope everyone has a concert to attend—it reminds you of what a wonderful time of the year it is!