Adjusting to isolation is harder for some

Here is hoping that you are all safe and obeying the rules of self isolation.
I believe that we need to take this very seriously as I don’t think any of us want to lose any of our community members because of carelessness.
I am thankful that for the most part – I am used to self isolation during calving season and just living where I do all year around. My dad on the other hand, is finding his days long as he misses his quick trips to Emo to see his coffee friends and stocking up on scratch tickets. He is doing his puzzles but with little sports (especially hockey) on T.V. he is finding things quiet. He off all people need to take this seriously and respect the rules.
Now with seed arriving I will have to start spending more time at EARS. We have strict rules that we are not allowed any visitors. I have instructions to keep the door locked and people are supposed to call me. Parcels are to be left at the door etc.
Strange times for me as I tend to have a fairly busy place with people coming and going. I am not much of a risk taker and do tend to follow the rules so please call me if you have questions.
The landline at EARS is 482-2354 and my cell phone is 275-9706. I will still work from home as much as I can.
It is also sounding like we are going to have a much-scaled back season. In some ways this is likely the right thing for us to do either way since we didn’t get all our fall work completed last year and we are still having such tile issues. I will also be challenged with no returning students so it might be the right time to have less workload.
This is the last week that I am excepting resumes for the summer position here at EARS. Please email me at The deadline is Friday.
I have been impatiently waiting for the last of my cows to calve. Again, they were waiting for me to get back to EARS. I had one late last night and as I checked my cameras from EARS, I can see I have another one starting. They must need their privacy.
I have been checking my calves steady as this weather has been a bit of a worry. Wet snow, cold winds can be hard on them. I have given a few antibiotics but so far (crossing my fingers) it has been for peace of mind more than anything.
I hope the weather smartens up for my friends that are just getting started on calving. Many don’t plan on having calves in a barn at this time of year so let’s hope for some warmer weather.
Stay home friends, lets keep our community safe!