About three weeks behind on season

After taking the time to update my weather data, I can confirm that we definitely are about three weeks behind with our season.
We normally would start accumulating corn heat units near the beginning of May but this year we didn’t start until May 27.
Let’s hope we can make up for our cool spring yet this fall.
We have been able to plant all our research plots here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station but we still have land to cover.
It has been sticky in the plots at the back of the station and we have yet to finish those areas.
I was thinking it is our tile problems and I’m certain it plays some role. But the lack of heat so far is playing a much bigger role.
After chatting with some of my farmers, I realize it is not just me who is experiencing this. Some guys have yet to touch their land.
There is a lot of expensive seed sitting out there still waiting to touch the soil.
• • •
My girlfriend told me that once she turned 40, she became a crier. Not because she was 40 but because she turned so soft.
I was thinking that I seem to have become much more sentimental (not that I am 40 yet!)
Last weekend, as we said good-bye to my Grandpa Bliss, we sat and visited with family. It was such an enjoyable time to sit and visit with my cousins that we never take the time to visit!
I really enjoyed seeing them, and catching up and laughing.
Then this past weekend, we made the trip to Manitoba to drop off fur at the tannery, attend a house-warming party at my girlfriend’s new place, and visit my cousin!
I was thinking, as I was driving home, how lucky I am to have such a great bunch of friends and family in my life! I was thinking about how many friends I have, and how they come in all ages and how they have been so important in my life!
Then I was thinking, ‘Man, I am getting soft, too!” But I hope everyone takes the time, every once in a while, to take a deep breath and be a little sentimental/soft by appreciating all of the important people in your life!
It is actually a pretty good feeling!
• • •
My cousin’s husband works on a very large dairy farm near Steinbach and we were lucky enough to get a private tour around the entire operation.
They have seven robot milking machines, and the cows are milked on average of 2.7 times per day. The system was just amazing to see.
The cows were very content and happy as they slowly were rotated throughout the system to eat, sleep, or be milked!
I know we all complain at times about technology, but I tell you this was very impressive.