Abattoir in need of more business

The Rainy River Regional Abattoir is hosting its annual meeting next Wednesday (June 20) at 7 p.m. at the abattoir.
Please take the time to attend as the abattoir is in need of more business! It is a brand new, very expensive building and it we don’t use it, we very easily could lose it.
I’ve heard many times that the cost to butcher is too expensive. But there are a few things you should think about.
First, the building is new and the bills are high (most existing abattoirs were grandfathered into many of the expensive rules that currently are in place). Secondly, most abattoirs have a cut-and-wrap processing facility so what they don’t make on butcher fees, they make up with on processing fees.
Thirdly, butchering animals is not a money-making business. And fourth, there are other places in Ontario with comparable butcher fees.
But if you have questions or comments, come to the meeting. This is the place to ask and get answers.
• • •
We finally received some much-needed rain, but once again it seemed to be spotty.
At home I recorded 9/10ths of an inch but only 6/10ths out at the Emo Agricultural Research Station.
Either way, it certainly will help as hay, pasture, and grain desperately are in need of some moisture. Fortunately, it looks as though we will see some further showers this week.
We planned to start cutting our forage plots at EARS this week, but we might be postponing depending on the weather.
• • •
I know I’ve mentioned in the past the different rules that seem to apply to Maddie and Marlee from my Mom and Dad as compared to when my brother and I were growing up.
Well, I also have noticed the different toys and fun things they get to do—they now have bought the girls a decent-sized pool!
They are having a tough time deciding where to set it up, though, since Kloee (their dog) likely will be hard on it since she loves the water. They shouldn’t have to worry much about Roxee, however, since she won’t even go in Kloee’s pool.
And they made me think—we didn’t even get to have a wading pool when we were kids and now the girls and the dog have their own pool!
Oh, how times have changed.
• • •
Since Roxee and I attend obedience classes in Fort Frances, I’ve been able to stop in for a few quick visits with some of my “town friends!”
Roxee is confused with town yards and can’t believe you can’t visit with your neighbours. And why don’t you greet everyone who walks past?
I toured around my girlfriend’s yard and was able to dig out some ornamental grass for my yard. It was sure nice to see my girlfriend doing so well, enjoying town life and finally dating decent gentlemen!
She was losing hope there were no good ones left!
• • •
Maddie is having her fellow classmates, along with the JKs, visit my farm this week. As such, I spent Sunday getting things ready other than I need to haul Darma and her calf, Lazer, back home so she can show her off.
She also would like me to bring Cale and Dot—but we’ll see how well everyone co-operates since they are happy to be on grass!
• • •
My heart goes out to the Boven family on their tragic loss of their son and brother, Matt.
Josh is one of my summer students and it is sad to see a young person going through something as sad as this.
I hope there is comfort in knowing our community feels their loss and wishes them brighter days.