A well of sand

I am sure I have likely mentioned before that after I get my annual pay cheque for my calves I like to always try and do an upgrade on the house of some kind.

I wasn’t sure what that would be this year but that changed rather quickly. I was planning on changing the submersible pump in my well this summer after the cows went to grass. This could not happen because we were already in drought conditions when the cows went to pasture, and they were drinking full time off the well.

That project was tackled this weekend only to find a bit of a mess. I live on a sand ridge and it seems that I have a bunch of sand in the well below where the pump was sitting. My well isn’t new, but it was drilled December 11, 1990 and my Great Uncle Bud said it was the best birthday present he had ever received as it was flowing at 50 gallons a minute. (His birthday was December 12.) I wasn’t having well problems, but I was aiming to be proactive and avoid a problem at -40.

I will have to update you on what happens on this front because we are still figuring that out. It was heartbreaking for me though as the best part of my day is a jacuzzi hot tub every night for a good hour, no matter the time. I had to resort to a quick shower. But that isn’t the only issue that has cropped up. Last winter my boyfriend/partner pointed out to me numerous times that I am going to have quit feeding the deer so close to the house as they were going to end up making our septic area freeze. I didn’t listen and by spring I must admit I was a bit concerned as there was some water seeping. It went away, and I certainly didn’t notice that at all through the summer. This weekend as I was doing some extra laundry, I notice some water on the lawn again. It appears a pipe has shifter so now that is dug up. I don’t believe it is the fault of the deer. My friend that is helping us pointed out that no need to worry about having a septic tank if you don’t have water. So, guess what project I am doing with my calf $ this year? If you visit you won’t notice it but if I can give you a drink of water and you can use my washroom you will be thankful as am I.

Congratulations to the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture on hosting their AGM over the weekend. They did a great job of having things in place for a very quick meeting and successful election. The meal was excellent, and it was sure great to go out and enjoying some social time with everyone. Louis Bujold was honored with the Bill Gibson Memorial Award. This award is given out to someone that has demonstrated outstanding volunteer commitment to Agriculture in our District. Louis has been active within our community with 4-H, Hereford Association, Abattoir, and his biggest project of all, RRCA and the Sales Barn. Louis and his wife Shari took over the family farm from Gertie and Buck who were also very active in our community. Louis and Shari raised 4 sons and their youngest Aaron, plans to carry on the tradition. Louis has also been very active with his church and coaching badminton.

Being a volunteer is not always easy. You are taken away from your own work at home and if puts a strain on things at home at times. The Sales Barn project has not been an easy one, but Louis has done a remarkable job and we all should be thankful that he stood up and took this one on!

Congratulations Louis, well deserved!