Limits are only what you make them

I started the Step Forward campaign with the idea that making it to the million-step mark would be a fairly lofty goal.
Well, as the numbers down below show, that goal was not only attainable, but surpassable.
We spend much of our lives setting goals for ourselves.
Whether they are professional, personal, financial or otherwise, human nature dictates that we not only focus on the present, but set milestones to aim for down the road.
Yet, another fascinating aspect of human nature is when we establish these milestones, many of us make it more difficult for ourselves to achieve them and therefore come to believe they are out of our reach.
My turnaround with my health didn’t just come on my first try, thanks to me taking self-sabotage to an all-new level.
Several times over the past few years, I was displeased with my physical self and the toll it was taking on my mental self.
I would hit the gym a few times and eat decently for a while with the plan to get myself in better condition.
But I had more built-in excuses than I had motivation and if that didn’t change, I wasn’t going to, either.
Back in my sports reporting days, I could always convince myself I was “too busy” to have a nutritious meal as if that somehow justified me stopping at the drive-thru for yet another fast food fill-up.
Then there was the nights out at the local sports lounge to watch the big game, which became some open invitation to myself to devour heaps of deep-fried calories without concern.
Before too long, I would miss a day of training, then two and then suddenly I was wondering where a month had disappeared and then I was back to Square One.
To set a goal is one thing. To commit to reaching it is another.
That commitment only comes through belief in yourself, the belief that you’re worth the time and effort to make your life better.
Sometimes, that belief only comes through hitting rock bottom.
Mine arrived when I was sitting at Christmas Eve Mass in Littlefork (in the pre-COVID, pre-closed border days) and couldn’t focus on the service because I was busy staring at my stomach hanging over the waistband of my pants and being angry at myself for letting things get so out of hand.
It took sacrifice and willingness and it included a lot of days where eating right and working out were a struggle.
And now almost 50 pounds later, here I sit, feeling better than I have in years and not willing to ever go back to what I was.
Don’t talk yourself out of improving your life. Don’t set limits as to what you can do.
If there are obstacles, overcome them. If there are non-believers, convince them. If there are disappointments, rebound from them.
Seven months ago, walking a million steps would have seemed unreachable.
Now I’m reaching for a million and a half and, more importantly, reaching for the most money of any month yet as I walk to fight cancer.
Don’t bet against me because I’m done betting against myself.

Steps taken this week: 110,672
Steps taken overall: 1,007,186
Money raised this week: $315
Money raised for Riverside Foundation for Health Care – Chemotherapy Unit: $100
Money raised for Rainy River Victim District Services: $700
Money raised for the UNFC Food Bank: $1,500
Money raised overall: $2,300
Please go to my Facebook page entitled “Joey Payeur” and look for the Step Forward fundraiser post to donate. Thanks for all your support.