By Joey Payeur
Special to the Times

It is said a successful life is based not on the amount of money ended up with, but the amount of people who called you friend. By those standards, Jim Fowler was one of the richest people I’ll ever know. Many called him “Fergie” or “Ferg” for reasons unknown to […]

For 94 days, my goal was to get to the finish line. Now that I have crossed it, I know the whole point of my adventure was to make sure it’s not the finish, but a place from which to continue. My Step Forward fundraiser came to a conclusion in […]

Earlier this month, cancer proved once again it does not act with discrimination. It will attack you and weaken you and, in far too many cases, take your life and not care who you are or what you accomplished. Cancer will pick on the poor as much as the rich, […]

Some people walk through this world with hearts and spirits too big even for this world. That’s why God calls some of them home earlier than any of us wish. That’s what I have tried to tell myself over the past few days as our community deals with the passing […]

I have felt honoured and privileged to be able to take the opportunity given me during this time of historic circumstances in our world to try and help out those in need. Step Forward has been a great launchpad towards trying to make a difference for those less fortunate in […]

I started the Step Forward campaign with the idea that making it to the million-step mark would be a fairly lofty goal. Well, as the numbers down below show, that goal was not only attainable, but surpassable. We spend much of our lives setting goals for ourselves. Whether they are […]

Next month sees the focus of my Step Forward fundraiser transition to the Riverside Health Foundation – Chemotherapy Unit. Summarizing the impact cancer has on our world in 500 words would be like trying to review the entire Marvel Universe movie collection in a couple of paragraphs. Cancer has such […]

They say you should never judge another person until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Take that idea and multiply it by 584 and you have a rough idea of the distance I’m traveling during the course of Step Forward. Getting through this three-month odyssey wouldn’t be possible […]

So, this is 49. Honestly, it doesn’t look a whole bunch different from 48. I finished one trip around the sun and started another one on Monday. There were plenty of kind words and wishes from many I know both in person and online. There were awesome gifts aplenty, way […]

Birthdays are a source of fear and trepidation for many, a sign they are one step closer to the end of the line. I prefer a much different perspective every time July 13 rolls around. The way I look at it, it’s a reason for me to celebrate when that […]

To say that the first month or so of the Step Forward campaign has exceeded my expectations would be a massive understatement. People both near and far have made it known that they are good-hearted folks who want to lend a hand to those less fortunate. The result has been […]

I’ve got your number – several of them, in fact. In recognition of the provincial government rolling out a brand-new math curriculum yesterday, this occasional teacher and current daily walker decided to sift through the numbers of this mission I am on with Step Forward and pass along the most […]