The 100 inch game

Growing up on Lake of the Woods really does give you a real appreciation for the actual size of the lake. Having spent thousands of days on this body of water, there are still massive sections that I have never even seen before. There is literally a lifetime of exploration out there and that’s one of my favourite aspects of the lake.

Last week I got invited down to Morson for a couple of days. A friend has a cabin there and has invited me a few times in the past but I was never able to make it work so with a couple of free days on the schedule I hit the road for the south end of the lake. It was like a little fishing vacation. No tournament to practice for, just fishing with a friend for a couple days, catching whatever would bite.

Smallmouth bass were still my top priority for fish to catch. A lot of the bigger limits that have been brought to the scales in the Kenora Bass International in recent years have come from the south end of the lake near the Morson area so I was interested in seeing what we could find. I knew that walleyes would show up and then hopefully some pike and musky.

Jeff Gustafson with a nice musky that was part of his 100″ catch.

About halfway through the first day, I had caught a bunch of fish, including a nice smallmouth, a sauger, a walleye and a musky. My friend Eric told me “you are almost in the 100 inch club”. I thought to myself, I catch 100 inches of fish most days that I go fishing and didn’t think it was much of a big deal. Shortly thereafter I think he could see that I didn’t think much of it and he explained, getting 100 inches of fish, only using each species once is the challenge. It’s impossible without getting a good sized pike or musky. At that point, I needed to catch a pike and I would cross the mark.

Finally later in the afternoon I got my pike and I did it. I also caught a decent sized perch that would have done it for me as well. I had a 44” musky, an 18” smallmouth, 18” walleye, 16” sauger and 26” pike for a total of 122 inches of fish. When you consider this challenge, there are only so many bodies of water where it is possible. Lake of the Woods has great fishing for so many different species, it makes it very possible but still challenging none the less. You could add crappie and lake trout to the list of options as well.

Overall, it was fun couple of days. I have fished south of the Aulneau Penisula many times over the years but there is still a ton of new water to visit every time I get down that way. I love the adventure of fishing places I have never seen before.

It’s interesting how many more muskies there are in the south end of the lake, probably four or five times the population that there is north of the Aulneau. We have plenty of muskies up in the north end of the lake as well but they are a lot more plentiful south of the Aulneau. To put it in perspective, I have had multiple trips down there where I have caught more muskies than bass in a day, while I have been bass fishing.

For anybody looking to catch a few muskies, you should consider visiting one of the fishing resorts in the Morson area. If you put in a couple of days casting at points and reefs in that part of the lake you will catch a musky! It’s also a great place to try and hit the 100 inch mark!