Fishing fun in the Dominican Republic

Each week in my column I generally try to include tricks and tips for my readers to help them catch more fish, mostly focusing on the Sunset Country Region.
This week I am going to talk about the basics when fishing away from home, as I just returned from a week long trip to the Dominican Republic where I had an interesting last-minute fishing experience.
The reason for our trip to the Dominican was that my friends Scott Dingwall and Joanna Ripley got married down there last week.
We stayed at an all-inclusive resort for the week. These places are not my favourite type of vacation but they are fun in a large group like we had.
I just like to get out and do things and it’s hard when you stay at one of these places in a country where it is probably not all that safe to free wheel around. The weather was beautiful down there for the entire trip.
Scott brought some fishing gear along so we figured we had to get out on the Atlantic Ocean at least one day to try and catch some fish. We made plans with a dude at our resort that arranges activities for the guests to do.
I have gone through this process before and have been disappointed with the results in most cases because these trips and excursions are so “touristy,” or maybe generic is a better word.
Scott and I made plans to hook up with one of the fishing guys one morning to get out later that day.
Since we were in a foreign country without much of a way to communicate our options were limited on who could take us out at the last minute.
We met our guide down at the dock of our resort. It was an old boat, but normal for where we were.
We weren’t worried about going fishing in a nice boat, we really just wanted to get on the water and do some fishing.
As we pulled away from the dock it was kind of weird because there were two guides in the boat. There were two motors on the boat, a 70 HP big motor and a 15 HP kicker motor.
The weird part was that they were driving the boat with the kicker motor.
We pulled away and after a few minutes Scott asked if the big motor was working and the answer was no.
We realized why there were two guys in the boat though, one steered the boat with the big motor and the other guy got the kicker going and taped the throttle on wide-open. It was pretty funny.
The guys also had a bunch of rum and beer on the boat and though they weren’t drinking, that seemed to be all they wanted us to do. We cooperated a little bit.
Eventually they let our lines out and just started trolling with the throttle still stuck on wide open.
After a little while I got kind of bored and asked if we could go cast anywhere but they didn’t want to do that.
When I asked, two guys that could speak pretty decent English suddenly didn’t know what I was talking about. Oh well.
After a while one of our rods got hit and Scott connected with a four pound bonita.
It’s a plentiful fish in the ocean that kind of looks like a small tuna.
Though they are small they fight super hard, it was a ten minute battle to bring this fish in on heavy bass tackle. We ended up catching five or six fish in four hours of trolling.
The guys were nice, they just didn’t really know what was going on with the fishing end of things.
They were excited to keep the fish that we caught though, likely to sell when they got back to land.
My advice is if you are traveling it pays to do a little research before you go, to plan a good fishing trip. We just decided to go at the last minute so we got what we got.
Since we get to fish a lot it wasn’t that big of a deal but I think had we planned things a little better we could have hooked up with somebody that may have been able to get on a really good bite somewhere.
The trip was fun and the wedding was all good, so it was a great week.
I’m in ice fishing mode now for the next week, hopefully some of this snow will melt!
Last year at this time we were getting boats in the water! It’s looking like it’s going to be a mid-May ice out around here!