Father’s Day is coming up soon

Typically if I write this column about a holiday or a special event I usually do it the week of said event but this week everybody is getting a few Father’s Day gift ideas in advance of next week’s big day. If you are stuck not knowing what to get Dad and he enjoys the outdoors I have a few ideas for you.
Since we’re now into fishing season, there are plenty of great gift ideas. If Dad needs a little push to get out on the water, maybe something new fishing related will help get him out there. Obviously, fishing gear covers a wide range of gift ideas, from .99 cent walleye jigs to $700 fishing rods.
If you just want to get something small, it could be something as easy as a couple dozen minnows and a fishing trip. Maybe a handful of his favourite colour jig or a new lure to try for pike and musky. Every angler welcomes fishing tackle, so you can’t go wrong there. If you walk into the tackle store and are overwhelmed about what you get, ask the staff. Most are knowledgeable anglers who can steer you in the right direction.
If boating is a hobby, you could consider a new life jacket, maybe one of the comfortable inflatable ones. If he really likes to take care of his boat you could find him a pair of fancy new bumpers. If it’s always dirty, maybe some cleaning product. Cleaning products are probably not the best gift idea, but it could be funny and effective. Little things that I carry all the time in my boat include a booster pack and jumper cables in case a battery dies, pliers and scissors for small jobs, removing hooks and cutting fishing line, along with screen cleaner for sunglasses and electronic screens.
If hunting is a more popular activity with Dad, you have options. Usually the weather is cold during hunting season so warm socks are always welcome, long underwear as well. I wear my favourite pair of long johns a lot through the winter months, even around home. Gun cases, a new knife, and a hunter orange hat or vest are all essential items for any hunter.
Getting back to the fishing stuff. If you really want to spoil Dad you could get him a good rain suit. This could be helpful if you want to encourage him to not have any excuses for getting out of the house.
A new fishing rod or reel would be pretty sweet as well but something as simple as a new spool of line would be nice. If you are unsure of what size line to get, the fishing store folks can help you out there as well, depending on the fish species that Dad likes to chase.
Most likely, the best Father’s Day gift you can give is your time. Get outside or plan a day on the lake and you will have a happy father. A day of fishing, maybe followed by a fresh fish dinner would require a fillet knife and some fish batter, yet more ideas.
Hope all you Dads out there have a great day and get spoiled.