What would we do without caring people?

It is amazing the care and concern people will show to others in our community. They do it without asking or being asked. Their anonymous, selfless concern is outstanding.

Take for example our courier driver who arrives in town every morning and stops at a derelict building with a delivery of cat food. Over the past couple of years this happened everyday without fail and during that period managed to attract dozens of stray cats. Many probably came from good homes but were led astray by this ready source of premium, free cat food, without having to scratch at the door to be let out. The extra sleep their owners received was much appreciated I am sure.

There were a few unintentional consequences. They bred… indiscriminately. But that provided additional opportunities. A group of civic minded feline admirers found a whole new meaning in their lives. Best for Kitty sprang up and set up rescue operations to capture, care for, neuter, and adopt-out the members of the kitty colony. Bringing meaning to the lives of this group is just another one of the benefits this courier has brought to society.

But not content to stop there, once the colony was adopted out the courier continued his generous daily deliveries of cat food. The goodness of some people knows no bounds. Although not able to draw in a great number of new stray cats there is a certain success blowing on the wind.

The skunks quickly found this new source of bounty and with the added nutrition the normal litter of 3 to 4 skunks has grown to 8 or 9. Do you not realize how hard this is on the poor mother skunks? Talk about “the old woman who lived in a shoe!”

Look courier, let’s save you a bit of effort and money as well as easing the work load on Best for Kitty. Pete Pyechuck has a trained retriever and will be happy to live trap and deliver to your residence, garage, or place of employment as many of these cute little stripers as you would like.

Rainy River and the mother skunk would certainly appreciate your co-operation. Your generous nature in caring about Rainy’s wildlife is appreciated, but you’ve done enough.

Our courier is not the only caring soul. Someone passing by my garden thinks I may need a little additional plant food for my flowers and veggies and has taken to leaving little plastic bags to doggy-do under my double-flowering plum. Although the gesture of this selfless, generous donation is greatly appreciated, it is not needed. The neighbourhood cats already furnish more than the necessary requirement and you deposits make them nervous encouraging them to ‘spray” my lettuce and spinach. It does give it that “je ne sais quoi” but it’s not really something my unsophisticated taste buds can appreciate.

So please pick up your package. I have placed it in the short, round, concrete planter along the sidewalk amongst the marigolds. If you do not recognize this message is for you perhaps I can post the pictures of the delivery taken by my trail camera onto my Facebook page. After all I must protect myself from the “Amazon Porch Pirates.”