Now where is that?

How’s your memory? About as good as the clutch was in my 54 Merc…. Burnt and slipping?

Seems I spend a good part of everyday looking for my keys, glasses, or phone. My late wife Norma, the Pearl of the Orient used to keep me pretty much informed and on track.

“Eee gad, Elliott! Comb your hair, put on a decent sweater. And those old sneakers! Throw them out. Put on your glasses! Here’s your phone and don’t forget to pick up the mail, my prescription, and try to make it back from coffee at the Bakery before noon!” was an oft…daily… repeated admonition that she blessed me with that kept me organized and on track.

No more!

But there is hope. The other day at the Debating Table, Scrounger was pointing out all the details of his life Google was faithfully keeping track of on his cell phone.

“See, this past week, I spent 8.95 hours at the Bakery and each trip to Town averaged 6.6 miles,” he bragged as he pushed a series of keystrokes on his cell phone.

“Mine says I was at the Keg, Costco, Tim’s, Crappy Tire and Emu (home of some really strange birds),” giggled Maury holding up his phone for all to see the list.

“What I don’t understand is how it got recorded since I had all ‘Location Services’ turned off?” he said with a puzzled expression washing over his face.

“Wait! I know! I got my Covid Booster shot last week and they injected a bunch of new chips into my arm. I wondered why in stung so much,” he chortled as he held out his cup for a refill.

Personally, I’m I favour of digital tracking, otherwise I could never keep track of my phone or remember where I left my glasses. I just punch the “Find my Phone” button on my iPad and my phone starts beeping. Now if I could only remember to put it on the charger.

Short Break from Typing. Had to put my Smart Watch on the charger

Next I have to review my Amazon Shopping History after a recent splurge on new footwear. The anti-slip ice gripping sneakers were a definite good buy as breaking a hip is not an adventure I wish to experience. However the other two pairs I bought in anticipation of spring looked kind of familiar and when I checked the closet and confirmed with my shopping history, I realized they were identical to the other two pair I had in unopened boxes in the closet.

I immediately went and threw out the other two old ratty pairs with floppy soles, broken laces, and holes in the toes, after wearing them through mud, slush, church, social functions and gardening for four or five years. I shed a tear or two over them, but the Pearl would have applauded my new found sense of fashion.

Maybe I’ll even buy some new socks and underwear.