Celebrate Ag Week with local food

October 5 to 11 is Agriculture Week! Ag Week is dedicated to celebrating the abundance of food our farmers produce, the Ontarians our industry employs, the rural communities we support and the economic engine we fuel. Each year, the week leading up to Thanksgiving weekend in Ontario Agriculture week, as it is a time to celebrated and recognize Ontario’s Farmers. To celebrate, fill your plates with fresh Ontario food this Thanksgiving and support our local farmers! It is a perfect time to eat LOCAL as most are just finished cleaning out their gardens and there is usually an abundance of produce around. There is a lot of pride in eating a plate full of food that your produced! Thank you to all my friends in Agriculture, keep on growing!
If you have time this Saturday head on over to Emo Feed where they will be hosting a “Harvest Market!” There are plans for all kinds of fun fall food and produce. As well Birch Bark Yarns will be there spinning. We are planning on taking a few of our animals. I might have to scale down what I will be taking as my helpers have hockey try outs this weekend. Birch Bark Yarns has been using some of our wool for spinning so I will certainly bring some of the animals that the wool came from! I don’t know if I will bring Black Bettie, but I will bring my other bunnies. The event takes place between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.! Covid rules will apply. What a great way to celebrate Agriculture Week!
The weather certainly has been great but man, it sure is getting dark early! I realize this will only get worse but it sure limits what you can accomplish in an evening. Our manure spreader tire finally made its way here but along with that tire we had to replace tires on the cattle trailer and front tires on the tractor. It was a very expensive week. This is exactly why I am not a full-time farmer.
Katie and I have been cleaning seed. It is going quite well, and we have been fortunate that most days it has been warm enough that we can keep the door open to get rid of some of the dust. (Don’t worry we do have a machine that helps with that as well!) I thought I would start entering some of our data and wouldn’t you know it – my old computer with my stat program is not working. There is always some struggle! I will have it looked at, but I am not expecting good news. There is a new version of this program, but I am not sure that I am talented enough to use it or there is enough time this fall for me to figure out how to use it! We are ready to chisel plough and it looks like with good weather, that will most likely happen this week.
Wishing everyone a happy, healthy Thanksgiving. Even though our world is a little crazy these days we still have a lot to be thankful for and we are lucky to live in such a great and beautiful place in the world. Hope your meal includes local food no matter what you have!